Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    Reply Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    Another NAZI POLICE action traumatizes family on vacation
    read article :



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    Link doesn't work.
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    Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    Try this one: www.prisonplanet.com/news_alert_010603_general3.html

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    Reply Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    Try this one:


    Also on www.infowars.com

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    Reply Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    It finally made the news around here.
    A couple of hundred hours community service shoveling out kennels
    at the local shelter would be appropriate punishment for those idiots.
    If they don't show better judgement than that and they can't keep their
    adrenaline in check they should not be armed. I guess when the non-existent
    crime took place they got exited.
    There is something very wrong with the way that our police officers are being
    trained for the past ten years. Something that stupid should not have happened.

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    The problem started when the police stopped being a "protect and serve" organization and started becoming a paramilitary "law enforcement" group.

    It used to be that the local Sheriff would help old ladies cross the street. Cops would direct traffic or help get cats out of trees. They were supposed to be a visible presence of the law and promote good behavior.

    Nowadays what we see is mean, nasty-tempered young jocks who got into law enforcement to act out their aggressions on innocent citizens. Granted, not all of them are that way, but I think the cops who work in large cities have forgotten what their role in society is supposed to be. They deal with dopers, gangsters, robbers, and murderers all day long. After a while, they start to think that EVERYBODY is like that. They even get kicks from scaring people when pulling them over for traffic tickets. And these cops think they are above the law. They drive recklessly, even when not in pursuit.

    I'm not ignorant enough to think that TV shows like NYPD Blue are real, but I wonder how much truth there is to some of the tactics they use. They deceive and lie to people, they rough up suspects, they break into peoples' homes without warrants. I imagine that "real life" cops do a lot of illegal/unconstitutional things, when they can get away with it.

    I think we should start a nation-wide campaign to rename the police from "law enforcement" to "public service". We need to remind them exactly who they work for.
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    Reply Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    308,you are absolutely right, we have trained robots on
    steroids hiding behind a badge, they are Armed and Dangerous. I would go a little beyond community service to
    also include a Civil Lawsuit against these thugs where they cannot hide behind a badge. When you start hitting them
    where it hurts, their bank accounts and their wallets they will
    not be as motivated to follow dept rules and training.
    Worldnetdaily.com is reporting today on a Fox news article
    that the family is moving forward with a lawsuit against
    everyone involved.



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    Reply Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    1952...Right ON !


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    Reply Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    Well, they finally showed it this morning here in TX. From what I saw of the video, the dog was NOT coming at an officer, but was going past the officer with tail wagging and just loping along. The officer just turned and fired. There was no aggression shown by the dog. Just my two cents.

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    Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    What 1952 said,

    These guys prove themselves to be actual JBTs.

    Some money flies off the car so the whole family is placed on their knees and handcuffed and sees the JBT shoot their pet. Then told a mistake is made and they are free to go.

    What punishment is enough for this clown??
    Ignorance is a crime in 49 states. In the other one it is bliss.

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    Re: Police Shotgun kills dog over lost wallet
    Here is the video


    Ignorance is a crime in 49 states. In the other one it is bliss.

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    Reply authority
    There have always been some in authority who have abused that authority whether it's the police, military, politics, clergy, teachers, parents, employers, etc. The proliferation of mini-cam's and mass media have simply brought to light what has always existed on one level or the other.

    With the actual number of Police, FBI, ATF, CIA, etc., etc., we should be thankful there isn't more. I guess I'm not suprised, though. Most who join such outfits do so out of a sense of "calling." They also put their lives in harms way on a daily basis. Every time they pull over a vehical it could be the end for them...I've seen those video's too.

    They get no support from the justice system; they don't get paid enough from their government; and those they are sworn to protect and serve call them Nazi's.

    I'm not justifying what happended...just suggesting a little context.

    I for one am both thankful and indebted to our policemen for their vigilence and sacrifice.


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    Reply | Edit Re: authority
    Good point Chas. We all owe the police and military a big thanks for the job they do and the risk they assume.


    With responsibility and authority should come some humility and respect for those they serve. It's a two-way street.
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    Re: authority
    Well, being a new guy here I am trying to understand why everyone is so quick to accuse the officer(s) of wrong doing.

    I am not a cop, nor do I have LEO in my family. I am ex-Army and I have been to a couple far away places. I feel that the officer MAY have acted to quickly. I just hate to find people guilty from a few seconds of video.

    However, I do agree that for a large portion of our country the police force has taken way too much liberty in enforcing laws. Most cops we see on TV are over-trained in felony traffic stops and under-trained in social interaction. I am sure this comes from increased threats to police officers, so I am not sure what the answer is.

    I just hope that if I am ever caught on video in a questionable situation that the jury hears all the evidence rather than finding me guilty from a video alone.
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    Reply a
    I've seen the video taken by one of the cruisers' dash cameras. I have to say, the officer did not hesitate at all to shoot at the pup. It also looked like he fired two shots in rapid succession with his 'ol pumper, not one. Anyway, sometimes I think we should put ourselves in the officer's position: You pulled over a car that matched a suspect car's description. You're all pumped full of adrenaline. All of a sudden you see a dog from the suspect car running toward you. You don't know if it's a vicious dog, a scared dog, or an excited dog. What would you do?

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    happy thoughts
    I sure would not shoot it in front of the family for no reason. The family is reporting they asked the officer several times to close the car door so their dog would not get loose.
    Ignorance is a crime in 49 states. In the other one it is bliss.

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    Reply Re: a
    I would've closed the car door. They knew the dog was going to come out of the car when they left the door open, if for no other reason than curiosity. It's just a lack of respect on the officers part. If the dog had got hold of the officer first and done serious damage to him, that would have been a tragedy too. It also would have been the officers fault though. If it'd been my dog he'd a come charging out after the officer figuring he's doing me harm. I mean that's the dogs job: To serve and protect
    The fight for freedom is not fought overseas in distant lands with guns, missles and bombs. It is fought here with words, pen and paper and I fear, we are loosing it.

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    Reply Re: authority
    trip. Nazi's with gestapo tactics . Where are they when you need them? They are all over you when you do a slow crawl
    thru a stop sign at 3am with no traffic, or you have a marker light out, or a few miles over the speed limit etc. etc. they cannot prevent anything from happening, they are always there after the facts. They are good at writing and falsifying
    reports, they are good at directing traffic, they are good at
    setting up roadblocks, they are good at setting up checkpoints
    without probable cause and i am sure you can think of a few other things they are good at, Donuts ? The misconception is
    that they are there to protect you, the courts have ruled that
    cops are not there to protect you. As you can see, this family
    was traumatized and terrorized by these Robocops on the
    hearsay of another party that dropped a dime, this is what they went on. God knows what could have happened to the
    other members of this family if they would have made a wrong
    move, could one of them also be dead too ? And then to be told- there has been a mistake ! And as far as being in harms
    way and putting their life on the line for us ? Give me a break !
    When they take on this job they know what the possibilities
    are of being home for supper ! Not to mention the agony of
    being a cops wife, they know also. So , what realy is their
    job since they cannot protect any of us ? and if they cannot
    protect any of us, who are they protecting ? Are they security
    guards for the corporation that they work for ? Are they
    revenue officers ? When a person ties a rubber band around their ankle and jumps off a bridge they know what could happen, skydiving the same thing and many more life threatening acts. These are all choices made without a gun to
    the head. I could do very well without them unless i get lost in
    my travels then they can give me some directions.
    Let's look at it this way, you are driving down the highway and you look in your rear view mirror and you see a police
    cruiser following you, that makes you realy feel comfortable
    doesn't it ? The cop knows exactly how comfortable you are
    with him on your tail ! What kind of thoughts are running thru
    your mind ? Finnaly my guardian angel is behind me to protect
    me and to serve me, i feel safe now. Is that how that family
    in Tennessee felt when they were all on their knees on the
    highway for everyone to see along with their pet without a
    head going nationwide on tv ? And cops cut fingers off an
    innocent woman in Detroit. And in Virginia cops are going in
    to Restaurants and Bars and yanking them outside for a
    sobriety test ? Come on ! These three incidents were reported
    on nationwide TV. I hear of many other incidents that go on
    daily all over the country but go unreported.
    I am not saying all cops are like that, but i am saying that many are !

    Question Authority.


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    Reply Re: authority
    With what I have read, begging the cops to shut the door. And with what I have seen, the video. I can not say anything that would not get poofed.

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    (1/11/03 3:30:48 am)
    Reply Re: authority
    the only thing worse than this story is the older female who thought her dog was too big for her.she decided to take the dog to the animal shelter...by tieing it to the rear bumper and driving slowly.for some reason this sunday driver got to the animal shelter,only to find the dog was severly injured and needed to be put down.
    what are these people smoking?
    here is one more story with a happy ending...

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    Reply Re: authority
    That woman was senile or just plain stupid.
    There ain't no cure for either of those conditions.
    What those clowns did over a non-existent theft is both irresponsible
    and unjustifiable. These are supposedly trained professionals.
    There is currently a paradigm in law enforcement which has it's roots
    in the proposition that we "the civilians" are the enemy.
    The law enforcement community in general has set themselves away from
    and in their minds above the normal citizenry of this country.
    The result is what we've seen in that news report.
    It is a shame that the death of a pet gets the attention of the media when
    this type of garbage is heaped on the general population on a daily basis.

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    Reply Re: authority
    Glad where I used to work.....never leave witness-s.
    One story-one shot....no news.

    Live is good.....keep it


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    Reply Re: authority
    ...and these are the folks that Sarah Brady feels are the only ones qualified to possess or use firearms...I'm feeling safer by the minute...

    Fear the Government That Fears Your Gun

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    Reply police


    It must really set you on fire, Shizasmus, that this Forum is still dedicated, at least in part, to the 70 Nazi Jack-Booted thugs who died on 9/11.

    "More than 230 police officers across the nation were killed in the line of duty during 2001, making it the deadliest year for the law enforcement profession since 1974. Included in the total were 70 officers who died at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, the most officers ever to be killed in a single incident in the history of our nation."

    "Washington, D.C.- In the year 2002, 147 law enforcement officers across the nation were killed in the line of duty, well below the decade-long average of 165 deaths annually, and a major drop from 2001 when 230 officers were killed, including 72 officers in the September 11th terrorist attacks."

    "Of the 147 officers killed during 2002, 55 were shot to death; 44 died in automobile accidents; 14 were struck by automobiles while on duty outside their vehicles; eight succumbed to job-related illnesses; seven died in motorcycle accidents; seven were killed in aircraft accidents; three officers drowned; two officers were struck by a train; two officers were beaten to death; two officers were stabbed to death; one officer was killed in a bomb-related incident; one officer was killed by a falling object and one officer was killed in an accident involving a horse. Fourteen of the fallen were women, which tied the record high total set in 1998 for female officer deaths."

    "Law enforcement remains the most dangerous occupation in America today, and those who serve and make the ultimate sacrifice are true portraits in courage," declared Craig W. Floyd, Chairman of the NLEOMF.


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    Reply Shot Dog
    The officer made a mistake by not closing the door. Ultimately, this is incident is his fault. But, when a full grown dog heads in my direction, I'm not looking at his tail, I'm aiming at his head. That officer had about 2 seconds to react.

    So what do you do about a man destroying personal property without a legal right to do so? There are precedents for this, follow them.

    Believe me, this could have been worse. People do strange things where their pets are involved.


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    Reply Re: police
    The in part dedication of this forum to 9/11 has never entered my mind. Must be you did not read my previous post's on other topics but also concerning cops. What sets me on fire
    are the cops that act like jack booted thugs, that do wrong
    and get away with it because they have a badge, there is no
    reasoning with them. But i do commend the ones that do not act like jack booted thugs. When you see a cruiser in your
    rear view mirror, do you feel comfortable ? I don't ! I don't
    know whether he is a good cop or bad cop . I do not treat them any different than they treat me because the mentality
    on both sides is " us against them ". You cite the number of cops killed, would it make you feel any better if they were nuns, or babies, or bungi jumpers ? What about all the people
    that die in car wrecks in a year ? I feel for each and everyone of them, i am against death just like i am against wrongs com-
    mited by trigger fingered jack booted thugs, and their unwarranted tactics. A lot of these tactics come from the
    brainwashing that they get when they attend the police
    academies. Let me repeat myself, they chose their proffession,
    they could have gone to the seminary and studied to be a
    priest, or peacher. I am sure they did not pick their proffession
    because they wanted to be a target or on the firing line of
    flying lead, same goes for firemen,they do not want to be
    trapped in a burning building. Or a pilot reasoning that this is his chance to experience an impact into the side of a moun-
    tain. Each and everyone of them plans to come home for
    supper. No matter who you are and what job you take, you
    are fully aware of the high risks that come with the job.
    Cops are corporate employees and it is not possible for them
    to protect your Constitutional Rights. You cannot vote them
    out of their position, since they are there to protect statute
    laws, not Constitutional Law. On the other hand a Sherriff can
    protect your Constitutional Rights, most of them are not aware of it, he can be voted out for nonperformance.
    It is all about choices, careers, and paychecks and gambling
    on not coming back in a bodybag.
    Let's call a spade a spade.
    Being politically correct will not be tolerated.


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    (1/13/03 8:08:20 pm)
    Reply Re: Shot Dog
    It is evident that they knew about the dogs , because they were forwarned, but this fell on deaf ears. Instead of being
    trigger happy he could have reached for the pepperspray
    and avoided a traumatic vacation from hell with a bloodbath.



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    (1/14/03 2:07:28 pm)
    Reply kanine cops
    “When you see a cruiser in your rear view mirror, do you feel comfortable? I don't! I don't know whether he is a good cop or bad cop.”

    I’m afraid I don’t share your feeling here. I’ve been followed and pulled over dozens of times and the last thing on my mind is whether or not it’s a bad cop…and your frothing and ranting hasn’t changed that. While there is a statistical probability that I’ll have a run-in with a “bad” cop, I believe it to be infinitesimal and I also believe that more times than not, if there is a problem, it won’t be a “bad” cop but a good cop who has made a poor decision or has bad information. In 1999 there were 348,536 full time police officers and Sheriffs officers. I would be shocked if there weren’t 2 or 3 stories a week about a dog, finger, or bar stool. In my opinion, these exceptions don’t prove the rule you have put forth.

    “I do not treat them any different than they treat me because the mentality on both sides is ‘us against them.’”

    Speak for yourself on this one. As I have made clear, this is not my mentality, nor is it the mentality of the people I know.

    By your conduct toward police officers you admit your inability to take high moral ground and give a cop the benefit of the doubt…the same benefit of the doubt that you want. Don’t be surprised when people treat you as you yourself treat them. Disrespect toward an officer is a recipe for trouble just about every time (as everyone knows). I actually think that officers show a tremendous amount of restraint with the boneheads they have to deal with everyday. Respect must be earned. And as Sniper pointed out earlier…it’s a two way street.

    “You cite the number of cops killed, would it make you feel any better if they were nuns, or babies, or bungi jumpers? What about all the people that die in car wrecks in a year?”

    Don’t be ridicules. The only chosen professions you include in this apples and oranges comparison are the nuns…though they have been known to bring a criminal to their knees from time to time. Judges, lawyers, CEO’s, Doctors, clergy, politicians, etc., have been known to abuse their authority and make life miserable for the common folk…and they also die…but they don’t die in the line of duty.

    “Let me repeat myself, they chose their profession.”

    It’s axiomatic that policemen chose their profession. The question is will they act like a professional as they carry out their duties. With authority and responsibility comes accountability. Sheriffs and sheriffs’ deputies are accountable to the criminal and civil courts and to the voting public (vote the sheriff out if he doesn’t fire a bad deputy). Police officers are accountable to the criminal and civil courts and to the voting public. Police chiefs are hired and fired by the City Counsel who is in turn voted into office (vote the city counsel out if they don’t fire a police chief who won’t fire a bad cop). The District (or Prosecuting) attorney who brings criminal charges in court is also voted into office (vote him out if he won’t bring charges against a bad cop). The Judges who hear criminal and civil trials are also elected officials (vote out the judge if he doesn’t fulfill his duties on the bench in relation to bad cops).

    If you want to rant, rant about people who won’t pay attention to what’s going on in their communities in order to get rid of bad cops when they eventually show their true colors. Maybe a community does pay attention and they like having these sorts of cops walking their streets…maybe the word gets out…maybe criminals avoid communities like this…I don’t know. But it’s their community and their city counsel and their prosecuting attorney and their judges and their police force. With authority and responsibility comes accountability.

    “Cops are corporate employees and it is not possible for them to protect your Constitutional Rights.”

    I think you have confused police officers with security guards. Cops are under the supervision of the City Counsel who is voted into office.

    “You cannot vote them out of their position, since they are there to protect statute laws, not Constitutional Law.”

    Police are frequently involved in constitutional issues like protecting my right to free speech and assembly. It’s the city police (among others) who will protect a klu klux klan march or a “gay” parade (for instance) under the free speech and assembly clause of the constitution.

    “Being politically correct will not be tolerated.”

    That one really hurt.

    It's up to police departments to have reasonable standards so that a "bad" cop who doesn't break the law can be fired. It's up to the city counsel and community to put pressure on chief it has hired to do this.

    It's up to the prosecuting attorney to prosecute police officers when they break the law.

    All of these entities, one way or the other, must answer to the voting public.


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    Re: kanine cops
    There are good & bad in ALL walks of life, as the grand
    puba here I tend not to take any partiality nor do I
    usually partake in most serious thread topics here, as
    I wish to remain impartial, and if need be(very rarely)
    a fair ice breaker in the decisions of TFF Staff.

    However, as one who can speak from personal experiences
    on both sides of the fence, I wish to make a quick statement
    and that is all!

    Let me say first that Shiz is a sort of advocate of right
    versus wrong, especially when it comes to LE, it isn't my
    place, nor would I ever speak on any members personal
    info "on or off" line(so don't bother, I won't answer)but I
    will tell you that O'l Shiz iz a Piz, as he does also have a
    genuinely good personal interest(in this subject)that means
    the world to him. If he wishes to further my meaning, then that's up to him, if not then that is also his decision, as it is
    ALL of yours.

    Speaking for myself, yes, I am a veteran of not only the
    streets, but of one who has stood the line in the sands
    on both the streets and deep on the inside, and I've paid
    the price for it, I have many sorrows and have lost a few
    friends, both civilian & LE but I have no regrets, it took
    awhile to figure it all out, but I think I've come to terms
    with it now and I can honestly say that I think I understand both sides of the coin fully, as I've lived and experienced both equally.

    It all really boils down to this, right is right, and wrong is wrong, doesn't matter what pair of glasses your looking
    through, feelings aren't facts, and unless one is there,
    one cannot possibly pass honest judgement without ALL
    of the facts on either this subject matter, or the members
    posting to this thread, that is if we all really want to keep
    things honest to our own selves, as when it comes down
    to it, we are really the only ones we have to answer to
    when one gets down to the bottom line. So I guess what
    I'm trying to say(in short)is that if we're honest to ourselves
    and keep ourselves in check, then we really can be honest
    in our feelings(hopefully)towards our thoughts on most all
    subject matters and towards other folks too.

    These are my thoughts only, please continue on without
    sway either way, as voicing ones opinion is what TFF's
    basic foundation is all about, besides it's main goal of
    providing educational info to each other regarding firearms
    & related issues.

    I'm proud to say that TFF has the best members & staff
    a Constitutional/firearms site could possibly ask for, in my

    Carry On Folks!

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    (1/15/03 6:49:29 am)
    Reply Re: authority
    The video leaves much to be desired. In the last several months we have experienced 2 cop_dog cases in my town. There does not seem to be much recourse for the dog owner. When ever you place yourself between the owner and the dog bad things happen. I think training on people/dog skills would go a long way. We know that dogs react a certain way in certain circumstances. To disregard this leaves you limited in options, and will lead to the traumatic shootings at the feet of the owner. In every profession we have ya ya's who have no business being there. I'm grateful to our Boys in Blue and like everything else the more dramatic the incident the faster it is on the TV. I also feel that it seems that felony traffic stops are becoming SOP. By shutting one door all of this could have been avoided. Hindsight and all that stuff....One more thing, the cop had to shoot that dog! I been around a lot o pits going in for the grab and that is exactly what it looks like. I've seen 40lb pits swinging in on 300lb boars and the only one happy is the pit. No snarling, no posturing, just grinnin and tail waggin' side slidin' in for the grab. Once that dog was allowed out of the vehicle it's fate was sealed.

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    (1/15/03 11:26:19 am)
    Reply Re: kanine cops
    Chas, you might not share my feelings and i don't expect you to. But i am talking about facts not feelings or personal experiences. You do not know squat about my conduct towards police officers, so far i have not done anything to draw the attention of cops, can't remember the last time i got pulled over. I UNDERSTAND THE NAZY GOOSESTEPPING BULLY FACTOR ! I am a law abiding citizen,and i do not even agree with their laws. I cannot say as much for you, you admit to being pulled over numerous times. Is this your claim to fame ?
    It seems to me you have more disrespect for the law than i do. In light of this it seems my conduct towards cops is superior than your conduct towards cops. You seem to be talking out of both sides of your keyboard. It would do you well if you went back and reread my previous posts and stop
    misrepresenting and twisting what i have said in order to suit
    your politically correct goal. You have taken out of context
    many of my comments. You seem to be more politically correct than you know or are willing to admit. To be
    politically correct is going against everything our Founding Fathers stood for ! If our Founding Fathers would have
    followed your mindset there would be no Constitution, no
    Bill of Rights and no United States of America ! The reason
    the shot that was heard around the world at Lexington and
    Concord was because they had to deal with Nazi Jack Booted
    thugs of their day, namely the representatives of the king !
    [Just like the cops today]. When you don't know history you
    are doomed to repeat it. If you are not part of the solution
    then you are part of the problem ! The political correctness
    that you claim not to be part of will bring this country down
    my friend ! Educate yourself with the real history of this country and the successfull Great Experiment that our Founding Fathers set into motion and stop listening to the revisionists and their agenda to bring this Great Country down!
    They gave everything they had to accomplish this, unselfishly!
    And the selfish politically correct sheeple are out to destroy
    the very meaning of FREEDOM .
    For you it is long live the King.
    For me it is long live FEEDOM.
    I refuse to be a BOOTLICKER! and you.......?



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    (1/15/03 3:33:13 pm)
    Reply cops

    Yes, I’ve had numerous “run-ins” with law enforcement. My most recent was a $115 ticket for an expired tag. He could have also ticketed me for rolling through a stop sign. I did receive a roll through ticket while living in TX. I’ve been let off the hook a few times. And yes, I even spent a night in jail. I sometimes wonder how I survived the rebellious (and regretful) years of my life. During that time I did have a target on my back…but I deserved it. I have lived in 5 different states and 3 different metro areas. I have also lived in the suburbs and in the country. I have had family members in the police force & military; church members in the police force & military; and friends in the US Marshal’s & BATF. I too, speak from experience. I’m sure you are coming from an equally if not more impressive pool of experience.

    I believe that corruption and tyranny (as you put it), as it relates to America, moves from the bottom up and not from the top down. Local law enforcement is simply a mirror reflection of the public it serves. In other words, the morality of any police force will not rise above the morality of the general population it serves (same as politicians). This is especially true in a representative democracy. An indictment on one is an indictment on the other.

    I believe that the real power lies with the voting public. If abusive police (or political) activities are tolerated the fault must finally come to rest at the feet of the people and not some shadowy entity out there. This is patently true of local, county, and state law enforcement. I have a much greater “fear” of the FBI (a department with questionable constitutionality).

    I respect your opinions and your passion, Shiz. I’m glad this forum has someone who will keep their ear to the ground on subjects like this. I’m trying to keep my ear to the ground in my own community, county and state.

    I will only have myself to blame, under our present form of government, if tyranny knocks on my door in a uniform.

    This country has had a long sad experience with JBT's going back to the revolution...on to the Indians, African slaves, Union aggression, Prohibition, Japanese citizens, etc. Most of the world hates us because they think we are JBT's.


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    (1/15/03 4:39:20 pm)
    Reply Poor bowzer
    In short,what an idiot! Did you see that dog? The most harm you could receive from that mut would be pulled shoe laces.Good lord, take that firearm out of the idiots hands. What a trip in the twilight zone for that poor family. I'd hate to be with him on a hunt,can you see it? He'd probably kill all the hunting dogs then kill you so the boyz back at the bar wouldn't hear about it.Put him behind a desk! Wonder what his trophy room looks like?Probably the kids cat,rabbit,hampster,dog...

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    Reply Re: cops
    Chas... what can i say, i feel humbled, i am with
    you , good post. Thanx


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    Reply cops

    You have helped to heighten my awareness regarding how police interact with citizens. Out of sight out of mind. I've enjoyed the discussion.

    A trial is starting today in Fayetteville, AR where a police officer is accused of using excessive force against a woman. Evidently she was drunk and resisted arrest. She ended up with a broken arm and her teeth "loosened."

    What does it take for a trained male officer to arrest one drunken women? What does it take for a trained female officer to arrest one drunken woman?

    This one made the evening news here locally...we'll see what happens...I bet they say she tripped and fell wrong

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