Polish 22 Trainers from SOG

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    About a month ago, I got in two Polish 22 Trainer rifles from SOG. These rifles looked very good to fine condition, and I just put them back on the rack because I had a lot of projects ahead of them. Yesterday I got around to examining these more closely. I put the first one on the bench, removed the bolt (no problem, slick clean action) then started working on removing the barrel bands. As I was wiggling the barrel bands forward, I felt a funny "crunching" sensation under the top handguard wood. Little warning bells started going off in my head. I finally got the barrel bands off, and when I lifted the top handguard -------------- sand. Lots of sand. As I worked on removing the rest of the barrelled action from the stock, I found that puppy to be packed with sand. No real rust or degeneration, just a ton of sand from the ol' Polish training range. As I took apart the second one - same thing.

    So, keep in mind if you get one of these Polish 22 Trainers, take it apart for a thorough cleaning ASAP!
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