Polish M44s Finally Arrived!

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    I have had a backorder of five Polish M44s for nearly five months from SOG - today they finally arrived. I was rather pleasantly suprised when I came home and found this large package shoved behind the bushes by my front porch.

    I ordered hand picked for the five rifles and - well, I guess overall they are. All of the metal parts are in excellent condition with blueing at 95 to 98%. Bores are all excellent. They all came equipped with cleaning rods, although there appears to be two different styles/lengths of rods. Four out of the five are all matching numbers on the metal parts.

    Now for the strange thing - they are all in Hungarian stocks (Hungarian "B" in a circle and "02" code) although one of the rifles has a matching serial number stamped in the stock on the opposite side from the Hungarian code!

    What I figure is that the importer (Century) has run out of complete original rifles, and is now "rebuilding" Polish M44s with cracked stocks by taking complete stocks off partial Hungarian rifles and slapping them on Polish rifles. They are even taking the time (occasionally) to stamp the rifle serial number on the stock - this one looks suspiciously fresh stamped.
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    Bob, the last batch of Polish "parts guns" I got had the same thing...and some of them had 02 metal parts too...specifically bolt bodies and cocking pieces.

    And in the first batch I had an all matching one, with the number even on the stock, but the 02 code there too...HHhmmm. I wonder what the odds are that these MAY have been done in Europe...as part of that deal to send them to Korea in the 50s...maybe by some broker.

    The reason is I CAN'T see even Century taking the time to stamp a ratty stock then sell it on a 19.87 parts gun...no return on THAT investment...

    Funny thing is it was in great shape metal wise, but the stock was pretty bad. I put the metal in a real Polish stock and it came out looking nice...and shot well too.

    But that stock was the one that bounced around my utility room for months, and for the heck of it I redid it last week, and the grain is the neatest I've ever seen on a hardwood, almost looks like a laminated...it came out so good in fact, I just put it on a matching Russian tonight I got with a cracked stock, and I think I'm going to keep it for a shooter....
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