Polish & Nowegian small arms

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    Reply Polish & Nowegian small arms
    I know of only a few Norwegian and polish weapons such as

    Mauser M29
    Mauser K98
    M38 Pistol
    Browning M28
    Browning M30

    Gevaer M/1894
    Krag-Jorgensen M1894
    M1914 service pistol
    Colt-Browning M29

    Are there any incorrect or missing ? there isn't much info on the web i can find on this subject

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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    I have not seen one personally, but there is supposedly a Polish version of the Simonov semi-automatic rifle (SKS). It was designated the KsS wz 49. I do not know when or where it was produced. But the rumors are afloat that Poland is upgrading its weapons supply, and these Polish SKS's might be sold for export. I'm hoping they will make it over here as C&R rifles.

    I can't vouch for the validity, but I base my information from the following page: www.carbinesforcollectors.com
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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    What time frame are we talking about.

    Keep checking back. Go Get Beer and Polishshooter should be able to tell you about the Polish weapons.

    Here's something on Norwegian rifles and pistols: geocities.com/norskevaapen/

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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    Sorry about that, forgot to mention the time frame.

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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    ViS 35 would be one you missed. It was produced later by the Germans, but it was the standart sidearm of the Polish Army in 1939.
    The ones you're not very likely to find for sale are:
    Maroszek's Turniej semi-automatic rifle, which was in the prototype stage in 39 and never went into production;
    Urugwaj Ur.35 - an anti-tank rifle, designed by Maroszek again, capable of defeating any German tank's armor in '39;
    Mors wz. 1939 - a sub-machinegun, only few were made before September '39, but production continued in conpiracy during the occupation;
    Blyskawica - ('Flash') a sub-machinegun, patterned in its simplicity on the British Sten, made only in conspiracy;
    46mm Granatnik wz. 36 - A grenade launcher. I don't know that much about this one either;

    I don't know about M38 Pistol. Or did you mean the improvements to ViS made in '37?

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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    Nice going, GGB.....knew we could count on you.

    I believe that the Norwegian Resistance used a lot of British-made weapons during WWII.....there was almost a "shuttle service" that the RAF ran to drop weapons and munitions to them. There were also fairly large number of British Comandos that served in Norway as advisors to the Resistance forces to coordinate their activities.

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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    The Polish used a lot of British stuff as well, both before and during the war. We had Vickers tanks in September 1939, Type II Sten SMGs (and a few guys from Brittain who knew how to make them), even some PIATs (dropped to the resistance fighters by RAF in Warsaw Uprising). Our men in the Allied services used what they were given, which is what the Allies were using: Lancaster and Sten SMGs, .303 Enfields...

    I Polish Armiy used anything the Russians had: PPSh, Mosin-Nagants, TT-33 Pistols, PTRD anti-tank rifles...

    The resistance used what it could get.

    The guns I mentioned in my first post are the ones I'm certain were produced in Poland and used in regular Army units (except Mors (which comes from Latin word for death) and Blyskawica) before '45.

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    Reply Re: Polish & Nowegian small arms
    But I still want to get my own TKS to run around in...

    The KP wz.35-Marosczek GGB refers to actually was the finest AT rifle of the late 30s, used a tungsten-core bullet even though it was only 7.92mm. It was so good the Nazis adopted it after the invasion as the PzB 35(p), even though they ended up giving them all to the Italians in 1941 who used them in Russia, but they kept the idea of the tungsten cored AT rounds for other AT guns they were working on.

    Hand-me-down captured Polish stuff still was better than anything else the Italians had in WWII.

    Yeah, anything made in the arsenal at Radom is quality, including the Polish M44s with the "Circle 11" stamp. The Russians reactivated the Radom arsenal to make it.

    Also the I Polish army was the one that got all the "SU-57s" from the Russians...the M3 White Half-track TDs mounting shielded 57mms that we made about 600 of and the US army didn't want so we "Lend-Leased" them all to the Soviets. They used them for a long time after the war I read somewhere, maybe into the 60s.

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