POLISH wz-48 .22lr Training Rifles

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    Reply POLISH wz-48 .22lr Training Rifles
    I have recently bought two Polish wz-48 Training Rifles. I bought them from SOG and I'm very happy with them. I bought the first one and cleaned it up. I had a firing pin protrusion problem which was easily fixed. I then saw that SOG lowered the price last month, I ordered another rifle and paid 'select' for it. Was it worth the extra 10 bucks? yes, but....I was not happy with the stock finish. Not complaining but it was varnished,(easily removed) and the metal work was very good. I cleaned thestock of all cosmoline and then stripped the old finish off of it. My first wz-48 has a nice piece of quarter sawn
    beech and it is dark but and nice; the second has a slab sawn stock and it is much lighter in color and has fewer defects in it than the other. Geez, these rifles really shoot are cool looking and I'm sure they will increase in collectability. I'd recommed one to anyone.