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PINETOP, Ariz. -- A gun shop owner in eastern Arizona is making headlines with a politically-charged sign he decided to hang outside of his business. Cope Reynolds owns the Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop, and just days after President Barack Obama was reelected he decided that he would no longer allow Obama supporters in his store. Reynolds proceeded to put up a sign outside his business that told Obama fans that they’re not welcome in his store because, “you have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

Word of Reynolds’ sign quickly spread across the country, with critics suggesting that Reynolds’ motives were racially based. Reynolds insists he’s not racist, explaining that he’s just concerned about Obama’s policies. “It wouldn’t make a difference if he was black, white, brown, man, woman, homosexual, it wouldn’t make any difference,” said Reynolds. “It’s the manner in which this country is being run that disturbs us.” There’s one thing about Reynolds’ anti-Obama sign that can’t be disputed: it’s good for business.

“We’re getting people ordering guns from New York and Nevada and Idaho because of this sign,” said Reynolds. “For every one I might lose I’m probably picking up 10.” And even if his sign were hurting his business, Reynolds says he’d still speak his mind. “It’s not about money. It’s about freedom, it’s about America , my kids, and what they’re going to inherit,” he proclaimed.

Reynolds plans to keep the sign up in his store for the next four years.
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