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    Reply Posted this in Self D., but thought you'd like it here, too!
    Being the History/CR nut, I kinda enjoyed the story in the June 20 SGN....

    How the "Hot" load nowadays for cops, and self-defense, the .40 S&W (AKA the 10mm"Short") is ballistically IDENTICAL to the old .38-40 BP cartridge from similar handgun barrel lengths...and nobody SERIOUSLY carried a revolver in that chambering if a .44-40 or .45 Colt was available back then....

    There truly IS "nothing new under the sun...."

    I didn't know the .38 was actually a .40 cal with 38 grains BP, so it SHOULD have been called the .40-38!

    Give me the "Newer" .45 ACP any day of the week, if I can't have that, then any minor caliber will do...

    Let's all start referring to the .40S&W as the ".38-40 Black Powder Auto" and see if we can get a rise from those guys...LOL