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Picture Posting

All the individual topic areas have the ability to post pictures.

Remember posting pictures is not the same as using the browser button to show an image.

When you post a picture you use the tag and your picture needs to be hosted on another site. Using the browser option you use a picture that is resident upon your computer hard drive.

There are a number of free picture hosting sites on the net, but they are normally pretty restrictive on ability to host pictures, i.e., only allowing a limited amount of kb's for hosting; length of use for free before being required to up-grade to a pay for use status, etc.

I simply avoided the entire mess and went directly to [url][/url] and paid $30 for a year's subscription of unlimited picture hosting. To me it was worth it because of the amount of graphics I use in my postings.

I don't know if it is in your budget, and please don't think I'm acting like a sales person of/or from Fotoki or anyother pay for use site, but it is something you may want to look into. There are some people there who have 100's of pictures hosted.

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