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Yup, 4350 and most "long-grain" extruded powders will tend to hang up in a rotary drum powder measure and you'll shear a few grains as you meter each charge. It will probably get a little better as the measure gets slicked up from use but the measure will always do it a bit with those types of powders.

As mentioned, try using one of the spherical powders. WW760 does work pretty good in the .270. I use it with 130gr loads in my own .270 and in dad's .270.

Another thing you can look for is some of the newer "short-cut" extruded powders. Hodgdon makes a short grain version of their H4831. It's sold as H4831SC. I've had very good luck using H4831 & H4831SC with both 130gr and 150gr bullets in my dad's .270. It's a slower burning powder than 4350, but is one of the classic "text-book" powders for the .270.

When measuring those extruded powders, it's helps to be very consistent when you "throw" the charge...use a sharp snap up of the handle to dump the charge and another sharp snap down to reset for the next charge. Don't hammer it, but a good consistent quick flick of the lever will help you meter consistent charges each cycle. You're gonna shear a few grains so that'll just be something to live with.

Welcome to TFF...I'm assuming that you're up around the Grand Forks area?
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