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DO NOT keep primers in metal ammo cans. You have just built a bomb in the event that can is dropped and any of the primers detonate. SAAMI recommends primers only be kept in their original containers. If you're really worried about humidity, put then in zip baggies and maybe store them in the climate controlled part of your house. Moisture is generally not a problem for primers. The priming compound is mixed wet and allowed to dry before it will detonate. Damp primers will quickly dry out and they will work just fine.

Powder should be stored in the original container which should be fine protection from humidity. Again, if you're really concerned, keep the powder in large zip baggies, or store it in the climate controlled portion of your house. Heat is the real killer for powder.

Not knowing where you live, I don't know how much of a problem humidity is, but for years I lived along the Gulf coast, and had no problems with moisture.
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