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(4/10/02 2:00:20 pm)
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I would really like to have a Walther Pocket Pistol but have not yet saved the required $ for a good quality used .32ACP.

I have been looking at clones and was wondering if the KBI or CZ 70 or Bersa or FEg's might be a viable alternative. Not withstanding the calibre difference - Bersa .380 vs .32 how would these guns rank re functionality and durability. I realize that .32 is not a good "carry" calibre but all I want is a nice shooter in the PPK design.

Does anyone have first hand ownership experience?

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(4/10/02 2:07:15 pm)
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Get a come everyone bypass`s these, your gonna be mad when their gone and you didn`t get one. LTS

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(4/10/02 3:26:26 pm)
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Thanks LikeToShoot.

I have read (heard) these pistols have an alloy (pot metal?) frame. Is the frame as good a quality as say a Ruger or will it self destruct after X# of rounds are put through it?

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(4/10/02 5:33:29 pm)
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If you can find one, try a Feg PA-63 in .380 caliber. Looks a lot like the PPK, even disassembles like one, but has bigger grip swell to the rear. Excellent shooter very accurate.

I've got mine and very happy with it.


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(4/12/02 12:24:51 am)
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I have a Bersa Thunder 380.I had a couple parts break but one
was my fault.The other the mfg's.They have a lifetime warrenty.The double action is lousy.The pull is very heavy.
In single action the pull is better,but rough.I've cleaned it up a
little,will do more.Factory mags are 37.00 bucks ! Bend over
please.I'm using USA 10 rnd mags,and they work fine,after I
reworked the Mag catch slot,did some body work on the sides
so they wouldn't hang up when released,some mag spring work
so I could get all 10 rnds in em.So after around 8 hrs of "fitting" they work like the Factory mag.Whoopee-twang.
I will say it shoots just about all the ammo I feed it.Cor-bon
95grain+P HP's get hung up when I try to feed the first rnd,but
after polishing the feed ramp it's loading em now.For 175.00 bucks its turned out to be a nice little

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(4/13/02 1:06:48 pm)
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I picked up a slightly used stainless PPK .380 for less the $300 . It's a bit on the heavy side for a pocket piece. I haven't had any hollowpoint feeding problems with mine but I have heard that others have. If you plan on doing a lot of plinking with your pocket piece I wouldn't pick a .32 ,
.380 & Makarov ammo is a lot cheaper. I read that the Romanian Carpati .380 is an all steel PPK clone and supposedly well made and a good deal for the money. Don't know anyone who has one so I don't know if that's true. Not a C&R either.

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(4/13/02 6:17:56 pm)
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The Makarov is the best pistol in that class of firearms. It is more rugged and reliable than the PPK. I understand that the East German Police, or one of the Communist Block nations, were experiencing so many malfunctions with the PPK that they switched to the Makarov.

I would highly recommend any Mak you can get at a price you would pay. The East Germans are the best finished, but I have an EG, a Russian commercial, and a Bulgarian. At the difference in price I would rather have the $99.00 Bulgie than the $159 EG. I think most will disagree with me as the EG is certainly the nicest. However, my Bulgie has just as good a trigger, is just as accurate, and it is the one I use most. The EG and the Bulgie required that the feed ramp be worked on to feed all HP. Once that was done they are 100& reliable with anything. My Russian did not require that, and is also 100% reliable with any ammunition I have tried, including the large cavity HP ammunition.

Unfortunately the Maks are getting hard kto get, but I understand that there are 10,000 in the pipeline somewhere. I don't have a clue as to the price.

Here is a discussion forum.

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