Prayer for Trump

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    Jan 4, 2017
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    Rooter, since you are a Navy man, I want to know what you think about Obama ordering all of the aircraft carriers back to the new enland harbor. This is the first time that we do not have a carrier in the middle east since the 60s.
    They are all lined up in a row like our planes were on Dec. 7,1941.
    To me, this is scary!!!!
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    Every reason for you to be concerned Jim....Obama certainly had a tendency to flaunt
    his authority by gutting the military officer ranks and degrade the other force levels down
    to dangerous and frightening levels... I hope P/E Trump rephrases and regroups the force
    level on the military commanders recommendations rather than 'wing-it' to his own
    whims as is/was currently done! Chief
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