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Pre '64 Model 70 Winchester Target Rifle

Discussion in 'The Buy/Sell/Trade Forum' started by tango1niner, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. tango1niner

    tango1niner Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    rural upstate NY
    For sale is a pre ‘64 Winchester Model 70 target rifle. It is a true target model with the cross hatch on the top of the receiver and the stripper clip charging slot. It is equipped with a Redfield International Match front sight and Redfield Olympic rear sight with adjustable aperture. Inletted on the bottom of the fore end is a standard T-slot accessory rail. T-slot accessories will include a hand stop with quick detach sling swivel and a palm rest to aid in off hand shooting. The stock retains the original sling swivels as well.
    The rifle was originally chambered in .30-06 but has been rebarrelled and chambered by Hart Rifle Barrels in .280 Remington. As the pictures show this rifle will shoot. A Nikon Prostaff was mounted on the rifle when the groups were fired. The flyer in the one pic was me. I have a ratchety arthritic trigger finger and I’m sure I shake a bit more than I used to. They are both 5 shot groups fired at 100 yds. at 1” squares. I do have the original barrel if someone was inclined to return the rifle to original condition. The original barrel doesn’t shoot well and was replaced. The new barrel has about 500 rounds through it.
    To recap, the rifle is equipped with target sights. The front sight will include the sighting apertures as well. The barrel mirage band, fore end hand stop and palm rest are included. Also included is an RCBS die set and 200 piecs of brass. Would probably make a decent F class rifle with a good scope. If you need specific pictures or have questions don’t hesitate to ask. Looking for $1300 obo. Located in the Albany, NY area. Email me: tango1niner@yahoo.com
    . M 702.JPG M 703.JPG 4-2-20151.JPG 4-2-20154.JPG
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