'Pre-Ban' Applicable to Mini-14?

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    doc I have question in regards to a post on brand x in the wanted forum you replied to about mini14 ,

    ol judge colt was getting upset at general ignorance ,but here goes ,understanding that a mini 14 is not on the ban list therefore not considered pre-ban correct?{I really forgot about that } but however since you cannot put goodies on one that was manufactured after the ban wouldn't it be ok to consider them pre-ban post-ban ,and it still falls under the same magazine capacity? so I cant see why it can't be refer to as a pre or post-ban

    now see if I get this right ,if I was to buy a mid 80's {pre-ban} full stock and then found a folding stock I couldn't put it on ?

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    not unless you had a screwdriver, sorry couldn't resist aren't some of these rules. . . um. . . uh. . . er. . .stupid

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    Re: doc
    You saw my reply to JudgeColt, I'm sure. While a Mini-14 in its original factory configuration does not possess enough evil features to make it an assault rifle per 922, a Mini-14 with add-ons such as a pistol grip and a folding stock IS an assault rifle per the statute. So, the date of manufacture does in fact come into play.

    It is illegal to manufacture an assault weapon after 9/13/94, hence it would be illegal to add two or more of the "evil features" to any rifle regardless of the date of manufacture of the receiver. Now, how to prove when the thing was assembled is another story...

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    hey it was like that when i bought it