Pre WWII Indochina

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    I am looking for articles or books that discuss the Vichy French occupation of Indochina and the events that occurred when the Japanese finally took over and displaced them. I am researching for a book that begins in 1925 and goes through the Vietnam war and need a little more background on the events from 1938 through 1941. I would appreciate any information any of you have.

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    Re: Pre WWII Indochina

    Welcome aboard, I believe I may have some documentation
    for you, if anyone else can help out this new member until
    I dig it out the please do so.
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    Welcome Aboard Mr. Cooper. I'm not very informed on what you are looking for, but I usually find vast amounts of information on any subject just by going down the page and scrolling onto 'google'. I tried it a moment ago with the term as follows indochina history There were multiple pages of information, to wit, one entry being INDOCHINA 1863 to 1954. Good luck Sir. Wilborn

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    I am to young to remember that era but I understand that Wilborn was actually there!
    Seriously, I stumbled on to this attitude that was left over from the Japanese occupation. One of the guys had bought some Asian candy. The kind wrapped in rice paper. I am sure you are familiar with it. The wrapper disolves in your mouth. You do not unwrap it like regular candy.
    He wanted to give out the candy in a village that was very friendly to our side. We stopped our convoy in the vill and asked the oldest woman we could find if it was OK. She said yes and he threw the stuff to the kids, like Mardi Gras.
    One woman came out of her hut and began yelling about the Niponesa (SP).(neepahnaysa in tonkinese dialect) We didn't know what she was saying, but the kids spit the candy out ASAP. Our interpreter explained that the Japanese soldiers gave out opium laced candy to the children in her era. People became addicted and were enslaved for hard labor and/or sex.
    It was the first time I heard of this, but the interpreter and the elders all swear that it was common under Japanese occupation.

    You can also get a rosy view of the French occupation from the movie "Indochine" staring Catherine. Deneauve (SP)
    The Vietnamese say that the French were cruel but the Japanese were horrifying. Masters of the gang rape.
    I thought it was odd that the candy memories still live on in Old Vietnam -- that is the extreme rural areas.
    Good Luck,
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    Re: Pre WWII Indochina


    They had around a tenty hour series that A&E
    shows at times called "Vietnam The Ten Thousand Day War"
    and the period you speak of is a big part of this flick with
    a lot of info on it.

    I'll keep searching too!
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