Preparing Daughter for OCS

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    My 20 yr old daughter (Jr in college) has decided to spend 10 weeks this summer in Quantico, VA at Platoon Leader's Class. Physically she should be okay (runs marathons, took a kick boxing course last year). Fortitude (and attitude) should be okay. Anything else she should do to prepare?

    One concern I have is marksmanship. Her experience shooting is limited to occasional plinking with a scoped .22. I'm going to have her practice with an iron sighted rifle this spring (still a .22, I want her to get steady without developing a flinch). Should she also practice with a pistol? Or do the Gunneys teach all that anyway?

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    Sleep deprevation,standing at attention while being "dressed down".Read up on the omnipitante Ranger Hand Book.Trust her decissions even if wrong and be prepared to defend them.
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    Marksmanship training and gaining confidence in ones shooting ability can't hurt. But the instructors are used to having candidates with no experience and most unskilled candidates improve drastically throughout the course. More importantly, she's got to really want the commission.
    In her mind she must remember that no matter how tough it gets, to win this game one must graduate. Mentally I think candidates should think of it as a game that they are 100% dedicated to win. Don't take things personally in a negative way, always look to improve. Don't let on to instructors that you are mentally treating it as a game, however.
    Also, instructors will favor candidates that look at problems thru a "Team" effort perspective. Don't be a loner, be a team player, always ready to help others out and eagar to provide leadership. If she already has the physical attributes , then her success will be based primarilly on her attitude. Instructors detect proper/improper attitude right away. Best to have proper attitude from the beginning.
    I wish her the best... Bill

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    Re: Preparing Daughter for OCS
    They will unteach her and reteach to shoot the way they want her too.

    Make sure she is used to getting out of bed at 4 am would be the best preperation, since she is already in good physical condition.

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