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    A guy goes to a prison where you are only allowed to talk to your cell mate.

    He tells his cell mate this is driving me nuts being here, No offense but how much can we really talk to each other. We need some recreation.

    The cell mate tells him we tell jokes for recreation. And eventually you will get the list.

    What list? he says. the cell mate tells him that they have a secret list with jokes on it. the jokes are all numbered from 1 to 105 and since we have nothing but time you memorize the list and someone will yell out a number you know what joke goes to what number and you laugh just from memory.

    The guys says you're pulling my leg. The cell mate says no watch. He yells 54 real loud a few seconds of silence and the whole prison is laughing hysterically. he said do it again so the cell mate yells 81 real loud and as before laughter from all around.

    The guy says this is great I can't wait to get the list. His cell mate says just try one. he said ok what number should I yell? His cell mate says any number from 1 to 105.

    So at the top of his lungs he yells 32 a few seconds and dead silence in the prison. He said whats wrong with 32 isn't it funny? The cell mate says 32 is real funny one of the best on the list. He said then why aren't they laughing.

    The cell mate says well some guys can tall a joke and some guys can't!

    Whew a lot of typing for this dumb joke. JUNK
  2. woolleyworm

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    Would it be rude to say that you've never been so right ?? :p:D:D:p

  3. ampaterry

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    You could have saved all that typing by just giving the number of this joke; 95.

  4. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Hahahaha! :D
  5. Bruce FLinch

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    That Ampaterry can tell a whopper! :D
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