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    As I posted earlier, I had a friend give me a couple boxes of Privi Partizain, .223R, 55FMJ...Although I had heard of it, I had not fired any in the past..

    So today, I decide to take the 'girls' to the range and do some comparison. I decided to bring both to give the ammo a better comparison..For ammo, I brought the Privi, some Sellier & Bellot 5.56, 55g FMJ and some LC 77, 5.56, 55g FMJ.

    The 'girls' are my primary defense rifles if the flag goes up or down or whatever...zombie attack, nutted up jihadists, space invaders...etc...


    The 'old girl' is my S&W M&P AR platform that I have had in the family for about 10 years, but her pedigree goes back almost 50 years....Her younger sister, an FN, FS2000 is considerably younger at about 4 years old...Thank you, Obambo for the big scare that gave me an excuse for another 'black' rifle..:D

    At first, I didnt like the little plastic bull puppy, but she has began to grow on me. The stock is a bit short, the trigger pull is close to being bad, and if you aient careful, you can tattoo your left thumb if you get it choked up too much and place it over the gas vent...OUCH!!:eek: It only happened once...

    I decided to switch the optics...taking the ACOG and putting it on the AR where it should have been in the first place, then put the Leupy CQT on the space gun...So I had to do a little scope adjusting today before I got down to business...


    My first target was shot with the FS2K and after a little scope tweeking, I shot a couple 5 shot groups with the Privi and S&B..Range was 50 yards and using a range bag as a rest.


    The center group, just to the right of the final sighters fired with the S&B was quite a surprise...The lower right group was shot with the Privi and still not too bad...

    Next I got the 'old girls' ACOG tuned up and shot this one..The hits circled to the left of my final sighters is a 5 shot group with S&B ammo....But look at the upper right group shot with the Privi...Not bad for a service rifle and service ammo...Lower right group was with the red dot Docter mounted on top of the ACOG...took quite a bit of fiddling to get it adjusted...


    The final target was shot with the LC 77, 55g FMJ...The center group is from the FS2K and upper right by the M&P...


    All three types of ammo are quite accurate at the range fired...I give the edge in accuracy with the S&B and Privi to the S&W...the mil sup LC looks equally good...Im going to do more shooting with the FN as Im really starting to like the little bull gun...
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