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(10/9/02 10:46:51 am)
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greetings to everyone!
i recently inherated a belgium made BROWNING AUTO 5,12 GA. in pristien condition.
the problem with it is,it won't cycle light field loads,i have turned the friction bushing both ways,as it shows on the instructions on the inside of the forearm but to no evail.
the gun cycles heavy loads just great,does anyone have an idea or some advice on this issue,"i would sure greatful"


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(10/9/02 4:03:37 pm)
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Flipping the bushing to light load nomenclature should have provided the correct cycling.

Only other things I can think of is excessive strength spring or, most likely, needing a real good cleaning. Disassemble and really scrub out the slide rails and outside of magazine tube to assure good, easy working of barrel and spring. Put some slide grease (sparingly) as used by the semi-auto shooters on the receiver and barrel rails and try it again.
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(10/9/02 6:34:20 pm)
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Re: problem cycling feild loads
Is it a magnum 12 or light 12

Make sure the friction ring is right. It depends on the model. Some of them have rings you take out and some store under the recoil spring.

I think this might depend on whether it is a magnum 3'' or a light 2 3/4" gun.

My Browning owners manual tells me to put light oil on the magazine tube if this happens. I have tried all different kinds of oil and grease. The one that works the best is Birchwood-Casey synthetic gun oil. Mine is a newer A-5 magnum 12 and I shoot 2 3/4 trap loads with it all the time.

I have seen other A-5 manuals that do NOT reccomend putting oil on the magazine tube.

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(12/5/02 1:04:22 am)
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If you have the rings set right, there are still a couple of thins to consider.

A-5s (and most other semi auto shotguns) need at least 1 1/8 ozs of shot in the shell in order for the gun to cycle reliably. Most of the cheap shells you see out there only have 1 oz of shot, and these will not build up enough pressure or recoil to cycle the gun.

Also, make sure you lean into the gun when you shoot. The A-5 needs a solid platform to recoil against. If you are on your heels when you shoot, a lot of the energy is lost and the barrel can'i overcome the recoil spring. I used to see this a lot. The complaint was that the gun would not eject the second shell that was fired. What usually happened was that for the first shot, the shooter was in a proper shooting position and the gun would eject and reload fine. However, when the second shot was fired immediately after the first, the shooter had not recovered his initial shooting position, and the gun would not eject. I have even told some customers that they did not have enough ass to shoot those guns. If you weigh less than 150 pds, you really have to concentrate on your shooting position to give the gun a solid platform io recoil against.

Good luck,

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(12/15/02 8:57:27 am)
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thank you men for the replys to my post:
i learned a lot,there is a storehouse of knoledge here on this forum.
thanks again guys for the advise,i wish you and yours a great and happy holiday season. roosterbob2
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