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(7/11/01 12:36:12 pm)
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Please read this and advise members of your clubs and any one you know who owns a gun with Meprolight sights of this concern.

In February, 2001 I purchased a Kimber Compact Carry .45 (not a CDP) and had Kimber install a set of Meprolight Night sights on it. Since then, I have had 7 front sights go out. Seriously, the seventh sight is on the gun now, and it's as dark as the bottom of a well.

Every 50 - 100 rounds the "vial" containing the tritium gas allows the gas to escape, leaving the sight dark.

I have been contacted by several individuals who have had the same problem (just not as often, I shoot a little more than some) - some even have the brand new "Eclipse" models ! Those who have had the problem and sent the slide
in have been told the same thing - "Yours is the only one".

Please inform your membership, and if anyone has Meprolight night sights that are less than a year old, have them check the front sight.

If anyone has this problem, or if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

If you'd like to see a fully detailed description of the frustration I've gone through, go to my Night Sight Nightmare page.

Seriously, please ask your fellow members to check their sights.


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