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So in the beginning of the year my wife and I's contract with Charter cable company expired. This gave us a great opportunity to search for other providers for internet and cable tv. We called around and found a pretty good bundle with DirectTv (obviously for television) and AT&T for internet. We signed a 2 year agreement that DirectTV would provide us cable TV and AT&T would give us awesomely fast internet, all for a great bundled price.
The first month everything went fine, our bill came bundled and both services were outstanding. The second month came and we received two different bills for two different amounts. No big deal, we called Direct TV and informed them of the error and the customer service associate assured us they had taken care of it and the following month we would receive a bundled bill. Like clockwork, the following month we would receive two bills from each company and we would have to call DirectTV. Each time the customer assistant person assured us that the problem was taken care of and the next month we would receive our bundle. Each time the customer experience was different, some days we had a great customer service assistant and things went smoothly. Other times we had to call back 3 or 4 different times because they would hang up on us. Fast forward until July, we were still have problems with DirectTV bundle agreement when my company transferred me overseas. We called DirectTV and informed them we were going to cut off our service with them.

They informed us that we were subject to cancellation fees because we signed a contract with them. I asked them why should we be upheld to a legal obligation when THEY were the one who did not fulfill their agreements?

Case is still pending. I believe that DirectTV will do the right thing and drop all cancellation fees. This thread is being forwarded to them.

Spark Notes: Wife and I signed a bundle with Direct TV, who didn't fulfill their side of the deal, we went to cancel and are subject to cancellation fees.

Has anyone else had a problem with DirectTV?
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