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I know this is going to sound kinda extreme to some folks, but after going through all sorts of hoops with cable, satellite, and some sort of deal with the phone company, and getting garbage service from all of them, we got rid of the TV. While we could afford the package deals, they were expensive and the service just plain awful. So, we figured if we're going to get consistently horrible service, let's just get the basic package. Well, that gave us programs like the Best of Bulgarian Cooking - in Bulgarian, the care and feeding of tarantulas, breaking news from Crapistan, etc. Of course I'm kidding about the titles, but I think you get the picture. For movies and the like we signed up with Netflix. Live streaming news we get from Fox through the computer or on the radio (remember those things?). Called the satellite company and told them to come pick up their dishes. They didn't want them, so we're using one as a birdbath, and I think the lady of the house intends turning the other into a planter of some sort.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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