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I used Direct TV in the past with no problems, but once decided to go with Dish Network since their packages were cheaper. This was a mistake about a year into my contract we lost service. I called and set up appointments 4 different times, each appointment had a 4 hour window for them to show up and they didn't show up for any of the appointments. I told them I was tired of staying home waiting for them to show up and never showing up, to discontinue my service. They said I'd have to pay off the remainder of the contract. When they billed my credit card I disputed the charges and contacted one of the local news stations and they contacted Dish Network on my behalf. I never heard anymore from Dish Network about having to pay off the contract. Seems Dish Network didn't want the negative publicity and decided to forget the contract. You might check to see if one of your local news stations can help you out with Direct TV.
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