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    May 8, 2012
    with my weird work schedule this summer, and the abundance of rain, I am doing much less shooting.

    I've decided to make the best use of my time and go thru ALL of my brass and sort it and bag it .. clean, deprime, size, etc.

    my goal is to have it all bagged in ziplocks with 50each... have it all processed and 'ready' to load, and have 1 bag of 50 primed as well.

    i'm done on 30-30 i'm half about way there on 30-06 I have about 250 more brass to process, then I'll prime up 50. the last 100 are in the tumbler now, about 100 in a bucket by my bench already sized and deprimed, with about 50 trimmed but not debured and primer pocket cleaned. for .243 i have 160 unprocessed, for .270 i have about 300 unprocessed. for .308 i have about 250 unprocessed.. for .222 i have ugh.. near 500 unprocessed.. and .218bee i have 260 unprocessed.

    i've hitched up my half inch low speed drill to my rcbs trimmer.. did 50 tonight.. way better than the 'hand job' i did on my 30-30 :)

    for lube on the rcbs trimmer, i saved the 'empty' jug of synthetic 10w30 motor oil i used in my wifes truck and let it empty overnight into a 35mm film cannister.. filled it near full.. i also have a lil pot of synthetic grease. I used a qtip and put syn grease on the rcbs shaft, and then a few drops of the syn oil. about every 50 rnds i give it another drop of syn oil.. seems to be working great. I also had an extra 30 cal pilot from a pawn shop parts bin, so i expiremented with it and 'polished' the spare 30 cal pilot with rubbing compound and a cloth pad on my dremmil and put a high polish on it vs the 'finish mill' they came as. the pilot still engages positively in the case mouthss, however they 'feel' much better and handle easier. i checked like every 5th round for COL and neck diameter and mouth profile to make sure i wasn't screwing up anything.

    calling it quits tonight. only processed about 50 cases but got the other 100 celaning and everything else setup.. got some bins and stuff organized and sorted the 30-30 brass and baggged it and sorted my 30-06 brass for processing.

    one thing i noticed. some of my 30-06 was range pickup from the 1 time i got out recently. found about 20 rounds of sears headstamp.. havn't seen it before. I always look over new - to -me brass real well after cleaning, cleaning and uniforming primer pockets, plus I have a lyman flash hole true tool. I noticed all the sears brass had narrow flash holes.. visually more narrow than run of the mill 'other ' brass.. even just looking at it.

    i opened them up with the lyman tool. it came with a collet and neckpilot so you couldn't screw up too much..

    any idea on that sears brass with smaller flash hole?

    anyhow.. tired now.

    did my marathon tonight.. will do another multi-hundred brass marathon another night.

    i figure by the end of the summer rainy season i'll be done, and ready to shoot. with all this setup and in place, I'll have all my dies set, all my brass ready to go and 50 each ready to go already primed. that's the paln anyway.

    the .222 may kill me though.... :) :)
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