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    She had the best music on her station during* WWII* and most people
    just laughed. The ship I was on was sunk no less than five times but
    each time Davey Jones threw her back up

    *Tokyo Rose During World War II* -- the Japanese developed a way to
    demoralize the American forces. Psychological warfare experts
    developed a message they felt would work:

    They gave the script to their famous broadcaster "Tokyo Rose", and
    every day she would broadcast this same message packaged in different ways,
    hoping it would have a negative impact on WW II American GI's morale.

    What was that demoralizing message? *It had these _three main points:

    *1. Your President is lying to you.*
    *2. This war is illegal.*
    *3. You cannot win the war.*

    If this sounds familiar, its because Tokyo Hillary, Tokyo Harry, Tokyo John, Tokyo Teddy,
    Tokyo Nancy, etc. have picked up the same message and are broadcasting it on Tokyo CNN,
    Tokyo ABC, Tokyo CBS, Tokyo NBC, etc., to our troops....

    The only difference is that they claim to support our troops before they demoralize them.*

    Come to think of it, Tokyo Rose told the troops she was on their side, too!"


    I'm not much for soapboxes but after reading 'Tokyo Rose'
    i thought I would share something I read - pretty well sums it up in my mind

    please read this too

    Lincoln Journal - Saturday Feb. 10. 2007

    Terrorists take a page from WWII

    Whether you agree with and support the war in Iraq or not, all Americans should be able to understand that failure to complete this mission to ensure that Iraq becomes a stable and free democracy will jeopardize the safety and security of the world.

    Some people in the anti-war movement don’t believe that by surrendering to terrorism in Iraq, those forces will be emboldened and encouraged to continue to export terror and spread their plans for an Islamic world. Would someone then please explain why Saddam distributed copies of the movie “Blackhawk Down” to his military forces prior to the U.S.-led invasion of his country?

    The U.S. public has never been capable of stomaching a long, drawn-out military campaign that results in U.S. casualties. The Japanese military knew this. In World War II, after pictures from the battle of Tarawa hit The Associated Press, there was an outcry of editorials and letters to government officials calling for an end to the war. The Japanese set defenses that would bog down the Marines and give them an opportunity to inflict the most casualties.

    Now imagine if the information technology that exists today existed then. Even if the media were fair and even-sided in their coverage, once scenes of the aftermath of Normandy hit the TV, the war would have been over. The public outcry would have been deafening.

    The Vietnam War is proof of this. The North Vietnamese took a lesson from the Japanese in WWII and waged a guerrilla war that was guaranteed to take years and thousands of lives. Lucky for the communists, television had been invented and was widely used in millions of households in America. That made it all too easy for Americans to quickly get their fill of war, succumb to the antiwar message from the media and believe with all their hearts when Walter Cronkite declared the war “unwinnable.”

    The events in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993 were a better example. Scenes of dead U.S. soldiers being dragged through the streets were all it took for the president to cave in to the public outcry, and pull all U.S. forces out of that country. It was called a “civil war” and, therefore, America had no business being there.

    Sound familiar?

    Look at that nation today. The al-Qaida terrorists we are trying to eliminate are running the country. They are free to train, arm and export terrorism to any and all nations that oppose their radical Islamic beliefs. Why would anyone believe that Iraq will not become the next Somalia if we fail to do what is necessary to secure Iraq from the terrorists who now inhabit that country.

    These words are from the opening presentation of an al-Qaida training manual that was recovered from a safe house in England:

    “To those champions who avowed the truth day and night … And wrote with their blood and sufferings these phrases …”

    “The confrontation that we are calling for with the apostate regimes does not know Socratic debates …, Platonic ideals …, nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun.

    “Islamic governments have never and will never be established through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they (always) have been by pen and gun, by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth.”

    I doubt the politicians and leftists who are advocating a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Iraq understand the mindset of the enemy we are facing, nor the consequences of failure.

    The terrorists have simply taken a page from the history lessons of WWII, Vietnam and Mogadishu and used the media to turn America against itself in order to further their goal of an Islamic world controlled by radicals. They’ve done a very good job to this point.

    Those who don’t believe that Iraq is central to the war on terror, despite Bin Laden stating as much, should ask themselves what happens when we retreat from Iraq and focus on Afghanistan. Terrorists’ networks need only repeat this proven strategy there, and soon the American people will be screaming that we need to get out of Afghanistan, because the death toll isn’t worth the goal of a world without terrorism.

    The terrorists are willing to do whatever they need to do. My brothers and sisters in uniform are willing to do what we need to do. The American people are not.

    It amazes me that the American people would use their constitutional right of free speech to undermine our war efforts, and claim at the same time that they are supporting those of us in uniform. HA!

    These fools just can’t see that their actions are motivating and encouraging our enemies who if victorious would strip away these rights and kill all of us because we do not believe as they do.

    Roger Conrad is a Marine Corps veteran who served a tour of duty in Iraq and now works for the Nebraska Department of Corrections.
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    Talk about "FOOD for THOUGHT"!!

    Everyone should read these items.....

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