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Honestly. How many of you actually follow the recommended procedure?

I was not taught a lot about guns in my younger days so the limit of cleaning the bore was to run an oil patch through it, then the copper brush about a dozen times, then a clean oil cloth until it came out clean.

Recently I spent some serious bucks on an over/under that I started using for clays and I actually read the owner's manual. The section about cleaning the bore really got to me. Wrapping the patch around the copper brush of all things...

Boy was I amazed at how clean it gets the bores when you actually follow directions.

Now, how many of you actually follow the recommended procedure for your gun cleaning?

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(1/24/03 8:32:27 am)
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I may be a bit anal retentive when it comes to cleaning my firearms, but I always go above and beyond the suggested cleaning methods.

My current method for cleaning my rifles consists of flushing the bore with brake parts cleaner, followed by at least 20 strokes with a solvent-soaked brush (I use nylon brushes to reduce wear), then solvent-soaked patches alternating with dry patches. I use Hoppes #9 with copper solvent. If the copper fouling is really bad, I'll use Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner too. Once those patches come out clean, I do another few strokes with the brush to loosen up any remaining crud. Then more patches. When I'm positive that it is 100% clean, I run an oil-soaked patch through (I use militec-1). All of this is done from the breech end, not the muzzle end.

This method gets more involved if I've been shooting ammo with corrosive primers.

Some sources say you should run a dry patch last, but I prefer to keep an oil coating on my bores. I'll swab it out with a dry patch right before shooting it. Interestingly enough, I have found that Militec-1's claim does have some truth to it. I have found that if I use Militec-1, my rifles don't seem to get as dirty. Supposedly the oil gets deep into the "pores" of the bore and seals them up, not allowing powder residue to collect as freely.
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(1/24/03 9:18:07 pm)
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my de has polygonal rifling.after 150 rounds there is only a very slight build up of lead.shot of gunscrubber,and a swipe with cotton pad and I'm done.reoil and store till next shooting session.15 minutes max cleaning time.
I dont shoot cast bullets.

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(1/25/03 9:31:33 am)
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1BAM: I'm lost; if you have lead to remove but you don't shoot cast....what do you shoot

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(1/25/03 3:41:07 pm)
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the bullets are jacketed with a small tip of exposed the bullet travels through the barrel it leaves a small deposit along the rifling.
cast bullets are completely exposed causing excessive lead buildup.
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