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    (3/25/02 10:17:43 am)
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    Last night my daughter was home from college for a "free" meal from Mom, and to dump off some laundry before Easter so Mom doesn't get as POed when she did it for spring break and kept the washer going for three days!

    She announced that she has decided to minor in History!

    (Why does that make her currently unemployed again History Major Dad PROUD? ) (She didn't ask for money either, so I THINK she was sincere... )

    She always was the more historically interested of the family. (i.e., she was the last one to get "bored" with Dad's "lectures...")

    She also told us a good joke, probably an old one, but I never heard it before...

    "Did you hear about the kid who flunked his Social Studies class?"

    "He didn't learn his History so he was doomed to repeat it."

    Mom didn't get it, but I laughed like hell....

    I also gave her heck for not posting here in a while, she says she's been too busy...maybe that's a good thing...although I HOPE it's because she's working on her GRADES.

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    If she minors in History, maybe she'll suffer only minor unemployment.

    Neat news, Polish. Kids can be a pain, but they sure make you proud sometimes. Kinda makes you wonder what you did right.


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    Re: Proud Papa...
    I feel the pride right along with ya PS, just because
    some of us had the misfortune or fortune(depending how
    you look at it)of being societies screw ups(me included)
    doesn't mean we can't instil greater things in our kids
    and make great things happen!

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    (3/26/02 12:42:33 pm)
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    My wife and son got a REAL kick out of the "Minor Unemployment" crack, X! In fact, I think they were laughing just a little TOO hard....

    I resemble that remark....

    She was riding in the car with us SUnday, she's a sponsor for confirmation for a friend of hers in Richmond, came home to go to church with her sponsoree Sunday night and somehow talked Mom and I into going to church with her AGAIN...(Feel like a darn BAPTIST, going to church TWICE on a Sunday... And PALM Sunday, to boot, LONG Mass!)...(I also learned a man CAN sleep standing up until his wife elbows him, but that's another story...)

    ...and on the way home I went off again on a stupid redneck flying a Confederate Battle Flag on his Pickup with Indiana plates, how one of his Hoosier "Iron" or "Lightning" Brigade anscestors would probably kick his @ss if he was alive today, and she got all defensive and said SHE always had a Confederate Battle Flag in her room at home, and still DOES...I said that was different, because she correctly understood WHY she had it and what it REALLY meant, ...not just to "piss off black people" like most ignorant teenage redneck white boys with pickups around here use it for....

    That followed into a discussion about freed slaves fighting for the Confederacy, that bored Mom to tears, and it was after that she told me she was going to minor in History.... I believe her...
    "Don't hear him call you an @sshole, hear WHY he's calling you an @sshole." -------- From "A Season on the Brink"