Putting a BSA 6-24x40 mil-dot on .22 mag

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    I cant seem to find the picture of my gun online yet. But i have a Marlin .22 mag micro-groove barrel 925M. I used to have it set up for yotes. It had a bushnell banner 6-18x50AO. lazer/flashlight combo on the scope, A big bipod i could use sitting down and leaning into it. I didn't have money for my hunting licence so i took it back. I loved that scope, it was big but it made that gun so much more accurate than i thought it would ever be using polimer tipped remington. I took it back to get my licence after i was tryed different ammo. I used cheap winchester supreme ammo. The bullet kinda looked like crimped over tin. i was out lining up my gun at 100yds, it wasnt that accurate. but the big problem i had was the bad casing. That brass must be so thin. the cases were cracking in my gun and got jammed!! It ended up destroying my chamber. I called a gunshop and they told me to try remington, then CCI's because the casaing are really thick, n if they get stuck i have a huge problem. Well they did and caused the primers to mushroom. i thought it might be cheaper to get a new gun. but the prices went up alot and i didn't want to spend the money on a new one. I missed that year of coyote hunting. then when i got enough to get mine fixed it was 2 month before deer hunting. even though i took mine in 2 months early they didn't even get to it untill after deer was opened for awhile. then they finally looked at it and called marlin. it was still under warranty. so it only cost me $20 for shipping. that made my day. they did chamber work, replaced the bolt forward assembly, fireing pin, shell extractor, and that other little thing on there, it still jammed on them and they did more chamberwork. Now the gun chambers rounds just like brand new. I used a Redhead 3-9 and i couldn't get it 2 hit the target 3x out of 10 shots at 100yds.couldnt keep it within 6-10 inches at 50 yards. and i went throu 100 shells that day. and it sat in my gun cabinet. took that scope off and took it back. I decided to order the BSA 6-24x40 mildot. It just got shipped out yesturday. now if i can't get that scope lined up i know that ammo really messed my gun up and that marlin couldn't fix the problem they caused. I couldnt find a different barrel for my gun. Im going to send that company a letter about there ammo. thats all i used to use for my savage .22, and even slugs for deer and alot of bird shot, i used to get it for my .223 after remington prices went up, i even used a bunch out of a 30-30. ever since that happened, the only gun i used them for was my .22. and im just doing that now because i buy 2 boxes of 550 rnds and im just using them up. probly gonna go with cci in .22 n only shoot remington out of the mag and my .223. I missed 2-3 years of coyote hunting because thats the gun i use for them. i take care of my guns. i took 2x as long breakin in that barrel just to get a little more accuracy and distance out of it. I used MDR and completely took it apart if it got wet hunting. and cleaned it constantly.

    Im waiting untill i know if it's my gun is still innacurate because of there ammo screwing my barrel up that bad it can't be fixed, or if that was a bad redhead scope i used. I'll know once i bolt the new scope down and see how it shoots. even got a new set of heavy duty rings. I kept the bad shells that cracked. im goin to take a couple pictures and send it to them. my friend tryed them in his gun after the 1st shot, the 2nd 1 cracked bad. we couldnt get that out of it for bout 10 mins. i still have a hole box of them. the rest i was pissed and thro them in the muck.
    is there like a form or a general draft anywhere that i can use as a template 2 send them? What do you guys think they would do if i cant get the gun lined up all like it should? I'm gonna be pissed if i had to wait this long to not use it hunting and still have to go buy myself a new gun at the prices they are now. if i cant hit a treerat at 100-150 yds where i line my gun up at. or even hit a yote in the head at 150+. if i cant hit one at 50-100 yds there isn't any point in even having it in my gun cabinet. it used to be so accurate. i shot a coon at 200 yds and got him perfectly between the eyes 1/2 in up, perfectly in the head.
    Has anyone had any experiences with the BSA 6-24x440 mildot scopes? Or bad experiences with ammo cases cracking in the gun, or a problem as bad as mine?

    i was just asking about the scope but i got sidetracked lol
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