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question about ar15 magazines

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i have a project ar15 in 6.5 grendel in the works and am wondering what differences there can be in the magazines. i dont have a grendel mag yet and wonder if the only difference is in the follower. i have 223 mags and i have actually loaded some with grendel ammo and it seems like it would just work just fine. anyone have any real world experience with this?
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The case diameter of the 6.5 Grendel is incompatible with the rib depth of standard 5.56 magazines. The ribs in the sides of 5.56 mags protrude too deeply inside the mag to allow the 6.5 cartridges to stack properly. You might be able to stuff a few 6.5 rounds into a 5.56 mag, but I don't think you'll get the reliability you want.
that makes sense. i kinda figured that the shell of the mags would have to be the same to actually fit into the ar lower being as the lowers are the same for both calibers and others. i know that the grendel round is alot bigger around and figured that the reason behind the strange number of rounds the mags hold was due to that. the grendel mags hold 25, 17 rounds generall and i thought that was because they were just using 30 and 20 round a5 223 mag shells with maybe a different follower. i cant wait to get the ones i have ordered in to see the differences in the outer shells of the mags. i can see that they seem to always have blue followers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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