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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting Forum' started by gdmoody, Mar 9, 2009.

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    thats correct. i wish i could reproduce it but i cant. I will tell you i took apart one of these rounds and the powder is jam ****ed in there. I talked to hornady and they said the powder is a special blend made for them exclusivly. The best i can get with standard loads is 2890 fps. My bbl is 26"
    I also will tell you that the light mags are the cleanest burning i have ever seen. Hands down. After shooting a round the inside of the brass is clean like your ready to load it. I can put a patch in the barrel and i get nothing. Clean, clean, clean...

    Hornady is making a light mag in a soft point 165gr but i am sure the ballistic coefficent is not going to be that of the SST's, which will equal a slight loss of downrange performance. Hornady is making a 150gr lt mag sst but i just dont know how that will perform in the field. The bullet takes on a sightly different shape i believe and i have allways stayed away form anything less than 165's for hunting.
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    As far as the .308 use as a 1000 yd cartridge, two point's.

    1) What is the military 1000 yd sniper rd.?

    2) What is the "Palma" cartridge?

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    He was probably using Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr. I load 175s just a little hotter than FGMM and it takes around 36.5 minutes of elevation above my 1000 yard 0. That would translate to ~36.5 minutes high at 100 yards.

    Yards Drop in MOA
    100 0.00
    200 1.78
    300 4.38
    400 7.43
    500 10.89
    600 14.79
    700 19.20
    800 24.19
    900 29.86
    1000 36.36
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