Question about Buying AKs (wasn't sure where to put this)

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  1. Cheimison

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    Sep 8, 2004
    Okay I just figured out how to order an AK and get it sent to a FFLed person, now I want to know: Any recommendations on AK47 refinishing? I'm looking for something a litle smoother and nicer than you get standard from the Warsaw-bloc weapons.

    I would like to buy an AKM clone, and I was wondering where I would be able to do that at? Are there any websites where I could order a semiautomatic AK and have it sent to a local dealer, or do I have to just try random dealers until I stumble upon one?

    Thanks, Cheimison.

    Addenum: This would be my first firearm, and for those of you who would like to know why I went with an AK:
    AR15s tend to be a lot more expensive
    I want something that is loud and kicks a lot. Shooting a .22 is like practicing with a kitchen knife, it just feels lame.
    I need something in my closet in case the theoretical hamburgler gets into my house.
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    Glad to see you at TFF. I can't answer your question but we do have a couple experts that can. Just be patient and I'm sure they will chime in.

    In the meantime pull up a stump and join us often. We trust you will post often, too.


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  3. Kasatka

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    Apr 18, 2005
    I've owned a WASR-10, SAR-1, and SAR-2.

    SARs are hard to come by for under $500 nowadays, although I found a good deal on mine for $350 with 6 mags and plastic furniture set.

    The WASR-10 is a Romanian AKM-47 clone, modded to fire high capacity mags. You can tell it's a WASR-10 by the lack of a dimple on the side of the mag well. These mods tend to cause either loose or tight fitting mags, and rarely work with drum type magazines. I wont church it up, the finish is utter crap, and the stock is a joke. Still, overall the WASR-10 is a good gun, and will easily shoot 20,000 rounds before it has any serious problems, but I dont recommend paying over $300 for one new.

    The SAR-1 and SAR-2 are the 'true' Romanian AKs, with the SAR-1 being chambered in 7.62x39 and the SAR-2 being chambered for the 5.45x39 round. The overall machining quality and finish is far better than the WASR-10. The SARs have dimples on the side of the mag wells like they are supposed to, and thus all magazines will work flawlessly with no modification. In my opinion, the SARs are the best AKs you can buy, a bit part being due to its low pricetag. They generally range between $400 and $500, but if you shop around for a bit you can get one for the mid $300's. Again, this rifle will shoot 20,000 rounds before any serious problems.

    Oh, and a note on the SAR-3 in .223 caliber: they are pretty much junk, prone to malfunctions and magazine issues. Also the price for decent magazines is ridiculous. Dont be lured into buying one just because it uses a NATO round.

    Hope that helps. :)
  4. offeror

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    May 17, 2004
    NE Indiana
    Welcome to the boards, Kasatka. Myself, I was lucky enough to buy a Norinco AK, Type 56, for $450 before the banning began. I've been delighted with it and have yet to see anything at a gun show that I like any better. The wood stocks are pretty -- much above the current crop of Eastern bloc rifles -- and the trigger is light as a feather. The fit & finish are all around excellent and it shoots great. Judging by some recent auctions, my Norinco may now be worth closer to $800.

    This thread was begun back in 09/04, but if one were to ask me today, I'd still recommend holding out for a lightly used Chinese or Russian example.
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