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I found a Thompson Black Diamond muzzleloader for sale that I might be interested in purchasing.

I am trying to determine if it is the "EXPRESS" model or the "EXTENDED RANGE" model.

The party that is selling it does not seem to know if it is express or extended range model.

I asked him about the barrel length and the barrel markings.

He says the barrel is 23 1/2" long and that it is NOT marked as Extended Range (XR) and the photos that he shows of the barrel seem to indicate that it is NOT marked as XR.

However, looking at the photos of the rifle, I am thinking that the barrel length is really the 26" length, i.e. extended range even though it is not marked as such.

One reason I say this is because it has 2 holders for the ram rod on the bottom of the barrel, whereas, the express model (I already have one of the express models) has only ONE holder for the ram rod on the bottom of the barrel.

Did Thompson make any of the EXTENDED RANGE models that were not marked as such on the barrel ???

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