Question for WarPig or Armed&Safe

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    Question for WarPig or Armed&Safe
    I have read much about the positive effect of longer barrels on accuracy and ballistics in general, eps. WRT heavier calibres and magnums.

    I note by studying many of the catalogues, both in hand and on the internet, that many mfgs limit to 22", 24" or maximum 26" lengths. Also, with the new WSM or RSUM calibres tending to even shorter lengths. This is, of course contrary to all good shooting rules.

    How does one, or can they, in fact, get a rifle in a 28"or 30" barrel in something like a .300RUM or a .300 Win Mag without having to spend thousands of sheckles? I am on very limited income so it means either something reasonable or going without.....

    Is it possible to talk a normally common mfg into a special barrel at reasonable prices? My income is limited but I would like to have a 300 Win Mag with 28". Most limit length to 26". I would also consider one of the WSM, 270 or 300, if I were able to have one in a 26"or 28" barrel. I am not only thinking of accuracy and maximumpotential of the load but also of reduction of the hard recoil that is not talked about very much by those that are eager to sell the short mags?

    I know this is a mouth full but also felt you would know exactly what I am thinking.....

    Thanks, Marlin

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    Re: Question for WarPig or Armed&Safe
    Thanks for asking, but you give me to much credit

    Several of the manufacturers have custom shops. You may be able to go that route. I think it would probably be cheaper to have a gunsmith install the length barrel you want. Hope I helped.

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    I got this all typed out and the phone line went down, I've been trying for 2 days to get back on, so I could post it. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    It has been 50 years since I built my most recent rifle, so I'm not really up-to-date on what is available on the market today. If I were looking for a longer bbl, I'd start by looking into a mil take-off in the caliber I wanted. I'm in the process of building a scout rifle out of my Turk, but that means I just had 6 inches cut _off_ of my bbl.

    The relationship between bbl length and accuracy is difficult to describe, at best. There is a relationship between bbl length and velocity, with the shorter bbl giving slightly reduced velocity _for the same load._ Often, this reduction can be overcome by loading with a powder having a slightly faster burn rate.

    With iron sights, shorter bbls have a reduced sighting radius. That point is moot, of course, when using optics or single-plane sights.

    Longer bbls are more sensitive to shooter error, as the longer bbl gives a larger angle-of-error when wiggled about by the shooter. This error is compounded when using optic or single-plane sights.

    I've not found that bbl length has any significant effect on recoil, with only the increased weight having any measurable physical factor. The psychological effect of having the muzzle farther from your eyes and ears does have an effect on the _perceived_ recoil. The only ways to reduce recoil energy for a given cartridge/rifle is to have it ported or increase its weight. If you are weighting the rifle, remember to add weight to both fore and butt. Balance is extremely important, unless bench shooting. Also, pay attention to fit of the stock. Too much or too little drop will cause the rifle to rise up and smack you alongside your head. Too short a pull will allow the rifle to "get a run" at you.

    My personal opinion (worth the paper this is printed on) is that the best bbl length is the one that gives your rifle the best "feel" and "balance" for _you._ I have shot 1000 yard with a 28" bbl alongside shooters using 20 inch bbls and been thoroughly humilitated. I have placed high in matches using a 22" bbl. Go figure.

    Are you confused, yet?

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