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    Mar 22, 2012
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    I have been around guns for most of my life, but something I have not figured out is the difference in barrel bedding. Most of the guns I own are lower end hunting rifles and shotguns. What is the difference between a bedded barrel and a free floating barrel? What is the difference between fully bedded and bedding blocks/pillars? Glass bedding vs. aluminum? I am currently in the market for a >308 or .30-06 bolt action and several merchants have asked me what kind of bedding system I prefer. My answer so far is the one that shoots the straightest. I guess I am just looking for some enlightenment.:confused:
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    bedding is to secure the action better in the stock; free floating just means that the barrel doesn't contact anything forward of the receiver. allows it to 'whip' the same shot to shot

    Pillar bedding incorporates usually aluminum pieces but it 'clamps' the action into the stock. You can have any or all of the above in combination together.

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