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Hello Y'all,

These two pistols have always intrigued me ever since I first discovered them. I guess what I'm looking for by posting this is the general consensus regarding these pistols. Good, bad or indifferent.

I like the design idea and aesthetics of the Rhino (I'd probably go for either the 4" or 5"). It seems to make a great deal of sense to me, firing the round from the bottom cylinder - though I imagine more than one person has lost a finger due to it. What can this community tell me of this pistol?

North American Arms Pug, along with their .22 Magnum revolvers with interchangeable cylinders for .22lr, fascinate me. A very tiny firearm and one you would have no excuse to not carry concealed if you owned one. I carry either my CZ P-07 Duty in 9mm or my S&W 642 - but not always. Why? Because of their size and bulk. There'd be zero reason to not leave home with one of these beauties! Granted, they are really only useful for self defense at relatively close range, but I understand that this is where the majority of shootings take place. Besides, I've got no hero complex and would be happy if I could try to save my own life and my loved ones lives - not go seek out a spree killer or whatever. So what's the consensus on these pistols?

Thanks & God Bless,
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