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  1. offeror

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    May 17, 2004
    NE Indiana
    I'd like to start this here where more eyeballs are looking. You can move it over if you want.

    I only have a C&R so I don't get most of the catalogs. What will a .45-70 Guide gun in stainless cost me if I can find a decent deal? The gun magazine retail prices are pretty useless for this kind of reality pricing. I'd go with new or near new.

    Also, is there any cased .45-70 ammo? I don't prefer to shoot plain lead into my air space (or clean it out of my barrels).
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  2. Pabooger

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    Apr 21, 2004
    Northwestern, Penna.
    Id check with Aglore Im sure he could answer the price question, and give ya a great deal as well.

    Heres some info that might be helpful.

    Review By: Bill Graham aka the Graybeard Review Posted on: Sat, Jan 05, 2002
    Manufactured by: Buffalo Bore Ammunition Co.
    Product Reviewed: Buffalo Bore .45-70 Ammo
    Review Status: tc
    Description of Product
    Buffalo Bore .45-70 Ammo

    1. 500 grain FMJFN at 1625 fps
    2. 430 grain LFN-GC at 1925 fps
    3. 405 grain JFN at 2000 fps
    4. 350 grain JFN at 2150 fps

    As part of the testing regiment for the Browning Black Powder
    Cartridge Rifle in .45-70 I asked Tim Sundles of Buffalo Bore
    to send me some of his .45-70 ammo for testing. This ammo is
    really intended for use in .45-70 Lever Action Rifles
    primarily and is so head stamped with the words "Lever Gun".
    Still from experience I've found that if you want the best
    you can depend on Tim and Buffalo Bore to deliver. This ammo
    was no exception. It is a bit pricey but then what isn't when
    you are buying premium quality? You get what you pay for.

    I was provided with samples of four different .45-70 loads.
    Those being:

    1. 500 grain FMJFN at 1625 fps
    2. 430 grain LFN-GC at 1925 fps
    3. 405 grain JFN at 2000 fps
    4. 350 grain JFN at 2150 fps

    In the shorter barrels of most lever guns I suspect those are
    pretty close to the velocities you'll get. In the longer
    barrel of the BPCR I got more.

    Results obtained in my rifle in the order I fired them were
    as follows:

    1. 430 LFN-GC 2006fps with an SD of 9. Five shot groups at
    100 yards went from a low of 1.5" to a single high at 2.2"
    with all others under 2" except that one. I really liked that
    load and highly recommend it to you.

    2. 350 JFN 2215fps with an SD of again only 9 and that's for
    10 shots across the chrono. Groups went from a best of 2.2"
    to a worst of 3.3". My rifle really didn't like this one but
    in fairness it just plain don't like light bullets and
    anything below 400 grains usually does worse. Again these
    were five shot groups in all cases.

    3. 405 JFN 2011fps with an SD of 12. Have you noticed yet the
    uniformity of these loads? Wish I could make hand loads that
    uniform every time. Groups ran from 1.0" to 1.6" for five
    shot groups at 100 yards as are all groups noted herein.

    4. 500 FMJFN 1690fps with an SD of 19. Yeah this one will get
    your attention when you pull the trigger. It do come back at
    ya. Still for serious penetration on the toughest and largest
    of game it should have no superior in the .45-70. It is a
    hoss. Groups hovered in the 1 inch range with a spread from
    0.95" to 1.2". I think it the most accurate of all in my
    rifle which clearly was made to be shot with long and heavy
    bullets. This is real close to the best accuracy this rifle
    has turned in for me at 100 yards. I can match it with my
    hand selected cast bullets in loads worked up just for the
    rifle but really can't beat it by enough to even talk about.
    It is a super load.

    Once again as with all the other loads I've tested from
    Buffalo Bore Tim has a winner in these. They are definitely
    NOT meant for older or weaker guns. There is a warning
    printed right on the box listing the guns for which they are
    suitable. It pretty well covers all the modern and strong
    actions whether lever gun or single shot.

    These loads get the Graybeard Seal of Approval and a big
    thumbs up from me. If the best is what you are looking for
    then look no further.

    Visit the Buffalo Bore Ammunition Website by clicking on the
    name. Or you can reach them at:

  3. AlleninAlaska

    AlleninAlaska New Member

    Apr 29, 2004
    Bethel, Alaska
    Roughly $459 dealer cost. Yes there is jacketed ammo available for the 45-70. The major manufactuerer's like Winchester, Federal and Remington make 405 grain and 300 grain jacketed bullet loads. The 405 grain loads are running about 1300 FPS and the 300 grain loads run about 1880 FPS. These velocities are from barrels that are more than likely 24" or so in length. These loads are also suitable for 1873 Trapdoor rifles as they are kept to very low pressures.
  4. Xracer

    Xracer *TFF Admin Staff Mediator*

    Feb 23, 2001
    Minn-eeee-sota, ya, sure, you bet!
    In the "nearly new" category, the Blue Book says:

    Model 1895GS (Stainless Steel):

    MSR - $744
    100% - $565
    98% - $410
    95% - $280
  5. merc

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    Jun 30, 2003
    Pelham, NH
    If you can find one under 300 you should get it.
    I just bought one about a year ago. Just under 400 and that was a bargain.
    I see them all the time from 450 - 500.
    By the way-they are a blast to shoot.
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