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    Some of these quotes were posted by some of you on an earlier post. I wish to use them in a opening monolog on my album,, I was not intending to use any names(but will if you wish), just reading the quote. If any of these are yours, and you do not want me to use them, let me know and I will not. This album idea is expanding. I am getting more ideas to add, including a few verbal essays, quotes, and, perhaps, maybe an insert with some photos. It is gettin to the point of being bigger than I can handle,,may have to get professional help (No wise cracks, now). anyway, if here is something here someone objects to, please let me know:


    The question pulls something that should be in the past
    up to the present. A lot of guys don't want that time
    to resurface. Don't mean nothing.

    Oh yeah...Vietnam was a place! Now...it is a "time", and it ain't
    going to go nowhere! I don't want it to go away. I want to remember!!

    Vietnam was both a place - where I went; and a time - which was spent
    while I was there there. It is a physical place, a real place that
    still endures to day. The time, the "era" of Vietnam has passed; but
    the memories linger never to be forgotten - never to be dismissed;
    never really wanting to be recalled.

    Unfortunately I will never be able to forget my time in that place.
    Best I have been able to do is sorta file the bad times in a folder I
    try hard not to open, and enjoy the fond memories.


    a couple of statements by two Vietnam Veterans.

    "There are few of us who don't know how to cry,
    though we often do it alone when nobody will
    ask, "what's wrong?"
    "We're afraid we might have to answer."

    I couldn't answer "What's Wrong"
    It doesn't happen often, but there are private quiet times, when all
    of a sudden something clicks.
    I never question what or why.
    I know it's right , I know it passes and I know it is very, very
    Maybe my version of a reality check.

    Some cry with an absence of tears; an absence of sobbing.
    If you had to ask "What's wrong," you probably wouldn't understand
    the depth of the answer if you received one, or possibly the
    shallowness. Some people sit and laugh at rememberances of their
    past; some sit and cry at rememberances that refuse to stay in their
    past. Easy question. Tough answer.

    I have asked it many times of myself, and can never think of a good
    answer. I am not even sure what triggers it. I do feel some sense of
    relief after the tears, why?

    I know what's wrong...I just don't want to share it with anybody
    close to me!

    Sometimes you share, sometimes you don't. I guess you share if you
    figure it will help. Most stuff has to be worked out by yourself.

    The answer is the pain. Sometimes it just builds up so much it just
    has to come out. It's just all of that pian. Lots of time, but time
    does not less the pain, nothing does. Sometimes I think that the
    older I get the worse the pain is. So maybe time almost makes it
    worse. The pain you ask? It's from the memories. You can never ever
    get it out of your head.
    I hope when you die it is gone.

    Why -- I dunno
    It does surprise me sometimes. Where did that come from?
    Maybe the food smell of Little Saigon can bring back the memory of a
    day or a night in a village -- maybe the memory of a handshake from a
    friend long lost -- maybe my friends who speak to me from their place
    on The Wall
    -- the little "KIP pop" that is the muzzle signature of the old M1
    carbine -- or the feeling of helplessness that washes over you when
    you have to watch someone die and you can't stop it
    It did happen to me in a classroom once during a lecture on first
    aid. I remembered the FEELING I had when a friend slowly bled to
    death from a wound in the femoral artery. I quickly ducked out of the
    room to get a drink of water. My class of ghetto teenagers understood
    the feeling on some level. I was grateful that they were
    understanding or at least polite
    Stan H ,, nighthawk

    I may not agree with what you say,
    but I shall defend to the death your right to say it

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    I am so very touched---but I guess that is what you spoke about, as you delivered up for us something that has 'clinging value'. In all the cases you touched on, one cannot say 'BEEN THERE---DONE THAT' but it strings other thoughts together that really amounts to so much of a compatible comparison. Thanks. wilborn