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I can't help much on the date - except that if it has the Nazi Eagle it was during the German occupation (1939-1945). Many were made before the invasion and of course do not have the German Eagle. There was an article in the last year or so about the Radom factory, and the use of slave labor under Nazi rule.

Radom's were a very robust design, simple to maintain and quite accurate for a military sidearm. Radoms, along with the Browning "HiPower" were chosen as an alternate standard issue weapon for the German Army.

You might consider neatsfoot oil (like we used to use on baseball gloves) as a preservative on the holster. Do not store the pistol in the holster. For cleaning I'd just use a good grade of gun oil. You might want to wipe down all exposed steel areas with CLP before putting it in storage.

Nice pistol. I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate it.
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