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Recently I purchased a few pounds of WSF during our component shortage and I thought I would give it a try. Since it appears to be a medium burn rate I tried it in both 9mm and 45acp, expecting it to do pretty well in both at the upper end of their performance levels. I loaded as the WSF rounds to mid-range levels. I brought my chrony to check the speeds and I also managed to catch a sample of used cases from each load to check the primers for any signs of pressure. For the 9mm I used my Ruger LC9 and for the 45 I used my SW 1911.

I think that the WSF loads were on the verge of showing pressure signs because of the cratering and smearing of the primers. They showed no flattening, but this pistol doesn't regularly crater primers. I compared the power pistol loads to the WSF loads because I'm much more familiar with that powder. The power pistol load isn't a max load but it is upper end, and the WSF load is mid-range according to the load data I've seen, and it shows more (early) pressure signs than the same speeds shown by the power pistol load. Frankly there would be no real reason for me to switch from the power pistol load other than availability of components, or possibly flash suppression ( I have yet to try WSF indoors.) From here I think I will try the 115 grain loads with 5.0 grains WSF and see if the cratering goes away. If it does it would be a nice target load coming in at about 1000 fps.

The 45acp load behaved well indeed and gave a respectable 800 fps average. Felt recoil was on par with factory fodder and accuracy seemed very adequate. All in all a good load and one I'm sure to duplicate again.

Here's the specifics:

Three different bullets were used in in 4 loads in the 9mm-

1st picture
115 grain Extreme plated RN
5.3 grains WSF
OAL 1.120
speed 1060 fps

2nd picture
124 grain Berry's HBFP
5.0 grains WSF
OAL 1.075
speed 1020 fps

3rd picture
115 grain Hornady XTP
OAL 1.090 for both
5.3 grains WSF gave 1070 fps (bottom row)
6.0 grains power pistol gave 1075 fps (top 3 rounds)

4th picture
I also ran a few 230 grain extreme plated fmj profile over 6.1 grains WSF OAL of 1.260 for 800 fps average.


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