Range Report on the Dan Wesson...

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by glocknut, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Dec 14, 2003
    It was not a good experience. I don't like the trigger... very much like my old Colt Series 80 from a decade ago and the Kimber i had a few years back. It needs work.

    The pistol cycled properly on every round. The magazines that came with it slopp around in the mag well. Much more than any 1911 i have ever seen before. Shake the pistol and you can hear it flopping arround in there. That cannot be normal? I didn't try other mags on it, just the dan wesson mags that came with it.

    As far as how it shoots.... the jury is out on this one. I used Blazer Brass and every stinking shot was severely low and left of the point of aim. Now this same thing happened with my Colt Commander.... i started the colt off with Mag TeK(sp)? ammo and i was shooting bullseyes if i tried hard enough. Then i switched to blazer brass and i got low and left holes in the target.
    The Dan wilson was more than just low and left... it was dang near off the paper....and at fairly close range.

    So what i'm gonna do is take it to the indoor range and try some Mag Tek ammo on it and see how it shoots. If it does the same Bull****.... its gonna get traded for a Colt !!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    The sights on that Dan Wesson do not look like they are adjustable so i have no idea how to correct the difference between what the sights see and the actual point of impact? Plus the trigger sucks....

    Not what i expected.

    Now on the Colt Lightweight Commander... H*ll WILL freeze over before i ever sell that pistol!!!! I have owned a total of 4 1911s in my life and this Colt i have now is the best i have ever owned. In fact the gap or difference between this Colt and the other 3 i have owned is considerable.... The trigger is good and i have it figured out exactly how much finger pressure it takes to make a round go off...unlike the others.

    The only thing that even comes close to being wrong on the Colt Lightweight Commander is that it is "LIGHTWEIGHT" and has a little bit more muzzle flip than i am used to having on a 45acp BUT I CAN LIVE WITH THAT!!! I can punch bullseyes with it and that impresses the living **** out of me.

    I will update all y'all when i know more about the dan wesson. Something IS going to have to be done with its trigger....

    I also got to shoot a Ruger Redhawk in 480 ruger? today. I am very impressed. I forget what the exact bullet weight was but it was the perfect ammount of recoil. Not too much, not too little... Nice.