Range Report - Sig Sauer P238

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by gdmoody, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Here we go; I finally made it to the range this morning.

    I fired about 300 rounds through the P238. For the most part, it was a delight to shoot. I did have a couple of problems with it. (not really with it, but ammo problems)

    I fired four different kind of ammo. They were PMC, Hornady Critical Defense, Wolf, and some kind of Spanish stuff. I bought the Wolf and the Spanish stuff several years ago when I had a Bersa.

    I started out with the 50 rounds Spanish ammo that I had and it shot very good and had no problems. I moved on to the Wolf and after about 50 rounds of it, I had several failure to extract, one right after another. The Wolf is so filthy that I stopped and gave the pistol a good cleaning and then went to the PMC ammo. I fired about 100 rounds of the PMC without a bit of problems. I then shot a few Critical Defense without any problems.

    I decided to give the Wolf ammo another chance. Again, after about 50 rounds, I had the same FTE problems and the thing is filthy again. This time I did not clean it, I put a few more PMC and Critical Defense through it to see if there were any problems with shooting it dirty. No problems at all. I came to the conclusion that I will not waste money on any more Wolf ammo.

    I noticed a couple more things. I bought an extra magazine with the “finger rest” feature and there is a slight problem if you have to drop that magazine quickly to reload a fresh one. The back of the plastic bottom will stick to the fleshy part of your hand will not allow the magazine to drop smoothly. I always wear Hawaiian shirts and I also had a problem with getting tangled up in my shirt tail when trying to quickly unholster the pistol. That is just a problem that I will have to work on by myself.

    The only other pistol I fired was my Sig P250 with the .40S&W X-change kit on it. I have really learned to love that thing. I have never cared for striker fired weapons but this thing really shoots nice!!


    1. 10 rounds fired rapid fire from 7 yards with P238. Fired five round mag, dropped and reloaded second five round mag.

    2. 45 rounds fired supported from 15 yards with P238, the other five I fired at the gong leaning at the fifty yard line, I hit it once.:D

    3. View of the target from the 15 yard line (my target on left)

    4. 25 rounds fired supported from 15 yards with the P250
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    Way to go George. I knew you would like this gun. The targets you show look alike to mine. I did hit black on the 6 inch shoot n see on damn near every shot but alot were left and low. I always thought that was due to recoil anticipation but with barely no recoil on this gun I can't find the problem. Possibly the size of the gun I may be jerking the trigger instead of squeezing it. My wife on the other hand hits well with it bit much bigger groups. Bottom line is if she needed the gun in a pinch it would do the job.

  3. Helix_FR

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    Sounds like you got a keeper and it does well for you. I agree, I had 2 mags 1 with and 1 w/o the finger extension, I actually didn't like the finger extension mag. The only real problem with mine that I had was the last round consistently failed to eject but that was a mag follower issue and with a colt pony mag the problems disappeared. I'm glad they got the Hornady Critical Defense issue worked out. It was common for the early models to do that. Mine would not reliably fire the A Tap or critical defense ammo w/o so slight mods to the system. Besides those two very minor things, it was a good little gun.
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