Range Report SSS 60 grain Aquila using Romainian 69

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    Reply Range Report SSS 60 grain Aquila using Romainian 69

    5 shot groups Here is the target middle and upper right is the SSS 60 grain Aquila at 25 yards the upper left target is federal target for comparison so as you can see the SSS 60 grain stuff shoots well out of the Romainian 69 drop was about a inch it looks like at 25 yards and I held right on. This target I got backwards after I scanned it so it is in reverse but you can still see the groups. Scope used is a old Weaver 2 1/2 with fine cross hairs this scope is the old type that has no covers and uses a lock ring on the adjustments after you get it sighted in but it still works fine. Temperature was 35 degrees so I did not stay long to shoot and the 22 was the last one I shot so I was getting cold I am sure the groups could be improved on a warmer day and I would like to see how this stuff drops at longer ranges. Jim

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    Reply Glad you got good results...I dont!
    The SSS seems to do much better in a bolt or lever action.

    My automatic seems to let it out too soon, so half the fire comes out the breech to choke me.

    60 grains of tumbling, dropping fun for me.

    Oh well, kept the box cuz the bullet looks cool and maybe one day someone will perfect that bolt lock for the Ruger 10/22 (I know people are working on it here on this site)

    Nice groups for shaking hands!