Range Report Two...dan wesson.

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    Dec 14, 2003
    Second time shooting the Dan Wesson 45acp. As before the trigger is really stiff. I don't know how many pounds its set at but it way to darn tight. I shot 1 1/2 boxes of ammo thru it and the gunsmith shot 1/2 box or slightly less. Even he had a hard time putting it on the paper. Neither him nor i was able to get any bullseyes or even close. And we were only shooting out to 7 yards or there about. He admited the trigger was not as light as it should be AND he admited the mag slop was "excessive"! It came with 2 mags and when you stand both mags up next to each other he said he thought the cuts "i forget the terminology" is for those mag catches? is 1/16 of an inch different between the two mags. Not only does the mag slop arround from side to side but when its loaded and inserted it can bobb arround up and down as well. The strange part is it doesn't have the in and out play when the mag is inserted empty? And this is with the slide locked back!

    In my opinion... I really don't believe this Dan Wesson 1911 is ANYWHERE near the quality of My Colt 1911. Its certainly not on par with any of the high end 1911s....Colt, Sigs 1911, or even Kimber.
    Its grip safety is another issue... when you grip the pistol it hardly presses in at all. So when your shooting the grip safety is sticking out AND the dumb thing is designed with a weird double "bump" on it which i can feel during shooting. I see on youtube that these safeties do tend to break and allow the pistol to fire without it being pressed in like its supposed to....

    The gunsmith said the trigger can be lightened up quite a bit but he is snowed under at the moment. He said to try some wilson mags to clear up the mag issue.

    I just don't think its worth it. They have a Colt Gold Cup that i really liked the trigger on. It has a blued finish which i don't like....it picks up smears and finger prints like crazy. I prefer Stainless. And the sights were plain black so those would have to be changed.
    The Sig 1911 looked right, had good dot sights...and it seemed like it had a good trigger...dry fired anyway. And it was stainless "matt stainless" which is Ok but not the matt/polished combo i like best.

    I dunno. The only thing i can say for the dan wesson is that it cycled every round without malfunction. Thats good but with a bad trigger its limited to being a close range home defense gun. Its not good for punching bullseyes the way that trigger is right now. Even the gunsmith was having a hard time shooting it well...and he's a trained instructor.

    I really don't like the darn thing.... and as i have said before...i don't like dikking arround with fixing or customizing a darn gun to get it to shoot right!
    I think i might dump it for the colt...maybe...i just don't know?