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    I got to the range about 9:00am, and was the only person there. As usual, the first thing I did was check for loose brass, I can usually pick up about half a zip lock baggie, but today I was only able to find three pieces of .40 cal, one .45 ACP, and two .223. :(

    I took several hand guns and one rifle with me, but my main goal for today was to try out my new .40 cal XD(m) and my new Ruger 22/45. I took the following guns with me, in addition to the two I mentioned: Sig P229 (.40 Cal), Sig P-6 (9mm), Beretta M9 (9mm), EAA Witness (.45), Thompson Contender (.223 and 5.7X28 barrels), and the rifle was my H&R Handi Rifle in .204 Ruger.

    I started out with the .40 calibers (Sig 229 and XDm). I shot some 155 grain Rainier and some 180 grain Rainier bullets in each pistol. To be honest, I was not terribly impressed with the XD(m). The trigger pull was very stiff and it just didn’t feel good in my hand. The Sig P229 just out-shot it with both weights of bullets.

    Next, I moved to the new Ruger 22/45. I put a new Simmons Red-dot scope on it last night. At first, I was terribly disappointed in the performance of the .22 pistol. When I took the red-dot off and used the iron sights, things were so much better, I was getting happy again. At one point, I stopped for a few minutes to rest. I was just looking through the red-dot and realized that I had originally put the thing on the pistol backwards. :confused::eek: I re-mounted the red-dot and all of a sudden I could do no wrong with the 22/45, everything that I shot at, I hit. :D

    I then moved to the 9mm’s. Nothing much to say about them except the Sig P6 out-shot the Beretta. The Beretta had several “stove pipes” with my hand loads but did fine with factory silver tips. I will load them a little hotter next time.

    Finally I shot the T/C contender. As usual, it shot great with both barrels (.223 and 5.7x28), I shot all bull’s-eyes at 15 yards, 25 yards, and kept ringing the ”gong” (the steel plate) at 50 yards. :)

    All in all, it was a great morning, then, I had to come home for some honey do’s and clean all of the pistols. I never even fired the rifle. Next time I will take just rifles!
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