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Got the chance today to get my new FNX-40 out to the range. I'm not an expert on handguns nor am I going to shoot the ass off a gnat at 50 yards but for those interested here are my thoughts on it.

Comfort: Grip feels nice in my hand after changing out the factory installed back-plate with the smoother version that came with the gun. Might get a little uncomfortable with firing large amounts in one trip but overall I was fine after the 100 rounds I put down range.

Recoil: As expected with the gun's lighter weight due to its size and polymer frame than my Beretta M9 plus the higher caliber round, it kicks noticeably more than the Beretta. Wasn't an issue for me being that I am not a small guy but might be problematic for a much smaller shooter.

Sights: No problems though I do prefer the factory sights on my M9. Big advantage I can see with the FNX is it has the accessory rail standard.

Accuracy: As I said, I am not a crazy good shot but I was able to put 97 of 100 rounds (Federal American Eagle 165 grain FMJ ball) in to the silhouette target at 20 yards. The three not in the silhouette itself did still strike the paper. From what I saw there are no accuracy problems with this gun and given a few hours of range time I see no reason why any competent shooter couldn't become proficient enough to consistently put every round in to center mass of any target.

Reliability: No FTE or FTF with the first 100 rounds through the gun. Mags dropped with no hangups, loading new ones in is quite smooth.

Cleaning: No issues at all. Gun disassembles easily, had it cleaned, oiled and reassembled in short order.

Overall: Love the fact that it came with 3 mags as opposed to the usual two that most guns that I know of come with. It won't replace my M9, which has the nostalgia advantage from my days in the USN, but I would definitely recommend that anyone in the market for a .40 SW handgun give it a look.

Think that about covers it, if I missed anything, feel free to hit me up and I'll answer if I can.
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