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    Didn't say that.

    The process of homogenization breaks up the butterfat globules into such tiny pieces they can't separate out of solution. IOW the cream won't "rise to the top". My dairying brother has long held its this process enabling these fats to be directly absorbed in the small intestine rather than having to be "digested" by gut bacteria.

    And yes they do separate out the butterfats, adding back only the amounts and add back only the amounts neccessary to meet fed/state regs on content by package description prior to homogenization. Dairies buy 12-14% butterfat by volume raw milk from producers and sell anywhere from 5% down to 1%. Often claiming it as being "more healthy". They don't throw that excess butterfat away. They sell it for a premium. >MW
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    Geeze, here all along I thought milk came from the grocery store. Learn something new every day! ;)

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    in process of moving to Tenn..
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    This is a really eye-opening post! My wife and I are retiring on our own farm, and there is a dairy farmer up the road that we've talked about buying raw milk from.

    We are only raising a few angus for beef, and not planning on any milk cows and not going to breed any cattle. It's just the two of us, and there's no way we could use up all the milk from our own cow. Mom had a holstein milk cow that I used to milk, but there were 6 of us in the house then. We all survived even after dringing un-pasturized milk.

    Good to know that the Feds are that serious about buying and selling raw milk. Good grief! They let illeagle alliens from God knows where and drug smugglers race back and forth across our border, all the while killing farmers, ranchers and policemen, but they raid dairy farmers for selling natural milk?