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From a friend who has been there.....

I occasionally receive e mails that attempt to put into perspective the difference between being at home living a normal life with your family and friends around you, and being in a combat zone in Iraq or Afghanistan.

My friends, there is no comparison. Not one wife, mom, sister, brother, dad, or grand parent could ever imagine that other world unless they have been there.


Today, a high school football player scored the winning touchdown for his team, and the crowd cheered.

Today in Iraq, a U.S. Navy Corpsman saved a Marines' life, but he couldn’t save his leg because it was shredded into hamburger by an I.E.D.

No cheers, no crowd, no hot dogs, no soda pop. Just the smell of blood and the sounds of that young Marine screaming, and doc will hear it for the rest of his life.

Today, a truck driver delivered his load safely to the local Wal-Mart and picked up a return load and he will be home safe tonight to a hot dinner and his kids and wife.

Today in Afghanistan, a humvee driver ran over a I.E.D. He and three of his friends never knew what hit them.

No return trip, no hot dinner with their wives and kids or their mom and dad, just a ride home on Angel Flight and a military funeral and a grieving family trying to understand.

Today, three friends visited the Aerospace Museum, had a great day and later had pizza and a movie.

Today in Iraq, three friends on patrol walked into an ambush. Two died instantly, one survived and will never be the same again.

No pizza, no movies, no leisurely strolling through a city park or a great time with friends. Just two military funerals and a veteran trying to cope with what’s left of his mind.

Today, a college student and his girl friend had a spat over nothing and made up over dinner.

Today, a soldier received a letter from home. His wife wants a divorce because she doesn’t want to be alone any more and she can’t handle the silence and the moods when he is home.

No silly spat, no making up over dinner, just a man trying to stay alive long enough to go home and hopefully put his life back together.

While sports figures and politicians make obscene amounts of money, our men and women are dying every day for little more than minimum wage.

And sports figures and politicians know very little about raising a family on military pay or what it’s like to be a wife or husband and taking care of the family while your partner is deployed with no guarantee that he or she will ever come home again.

Because they love you and our country so much, they are willing to die for what they believe in: freedom, decency, democracy and equality.

Those are the differences our society cannot and does not understand. Unless they are a family who has lost a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine.

Perspectives are a wonderful thing, unless there is no comparison. Then there can be no perspective!!!

A Veteran
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