Reassembly of a Mossburt Bolt Action Rifle.

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    Reply Reassembly of a Mossburt Bolt Action Rifle.
    I have an old Mossburg .22 rifle.Model 340BA. I haven't shot it or thoroughly cleaned it in over 10 years.

    This time i took it down off the stock, removed the bolt. etc.

    The problem I'm having now is reassembly. After the bolt was removed, there is a large flat piece of metal that protrudes up from the trigger spring. When it's in its non tension state, it takes up almost all of the space where the bolt slides into.

    It needs to be retracted rearward, and flat enough so the bolt will slide forward. I have tried to depress it with a screwdriver, but i can't get enough leverage on it. I would like some advice on an easy way, or any way, for that matter how to retract that so i can get the bolt forward again.

    Any advice, info, etc will be appreciated.

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    All my Mossberg bolt actions, require the trigger to be pulled to insert the bolt. If that fails, see if the safety has any effect. If the piece you're talking about is the ejector, the bolt may be designed to just ride over it on the way foreward. Check the bottom of the bolt, and see if there's a narrow slit in the bolt that lines up with the flat piece.