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(4/9/02 1:50:01 pm)
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Appreciate recommendations between the Benelli M1 & Beretta 1201P. Primary use will be for shotgun tactical match shooting, secondary use for home self defense.


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(4/9/02 4:28:49 pm)
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Welcome Jack. I am not familiar with the Beretta but the Benelli is a good one.

I am a A-5 fanatic myself

The should be somebody around who knows something about the Beretta who can give you an opinion.

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(12/19/02 1:54:01 am)
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Owned a Super 90.....bought it when I 1st got into 3 gun. The kick a bit (recoil operated) but shoot very very fast. Used to be able to throw an orange into the air and hit it 6 or 8 times before it hit the ground or was juice. But as to the recommendation.....the beretta had some sort of operating flaw...was either difficult to reload, ya I think you couldn't load the magazine with around in the chamber. Maybe the newer models have addressed that....course it all depends on yer use. Hard to beat an 1187 with some mods (light recoil, inexpensive, pretty fast). Just my thoughts.........

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(12/29/02 5:09:49 pm)
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Ditto on the 11-87. Benelli's tend to jam when using cheap low brass ammo.
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