Reconditioning Wood Pistol Grips

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    I have refinished a lot of rifle stocks with BLO, and been happy with the results. I now have a bunch of checkered wood pistol grips that look like they have been bleached and dried. Will the BLO work well on the close checkered type grips, or is there another type treatment that finishes out better? You really can't rub or steel wool them due to the checkering.

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    Re: Reconditioning wood pistol grips
    Boiled linseed oil will work. I would smooth the areas that are not checkered, stain, apply the BLO to whatever luster is desired, then recut the checkering. The oil will have soaked into the wood so the checkering pattern will not look 'raw.'

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    I have used a good med brass bristle brush and some paint remover to remove and clean the checkering with good results. You just have to use a little extra care doing it.

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    A toothbrush dipped into thinned BLO will work fine, Bob. Just scrub the brush into the checkering like the dickens!
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